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Xeno's InvaderZim Race Mod 2.8

Play as the Irken and Vortian Race from Invader Zim.

  1. Resource Update

    Added new resistium ore on Irken planets
    Refined Resistium

    Sirunits have a chance of dropping processors. Bows recommended.
    Most Irken assembler items now require refined resistium to be crafted.
    Buffed the Irken Space Suit.

    Bug fixes:

    Fixed an accidental dirty edit that changed all the terraformers to look like an irken terraformer.
    Removed an accidental dirty edit with the deployment animation. But in turned reverted it to default for now.

    Current Bugs:
    Misaligned Irken ship
    Resistium doesn't show up as an ore when viewing Irken planets

    Planned Updates:
    Microdungeons and villages
    More Irken based monsters and robots
    More blocks
    Add more NPC names that are more Irken-like.
    More Irken food items
    Add better dye colors for other colors besides red and purple.
    More Irken Furniture.
    Tier 1 and 2 ranged weapons.
    Possibly weakness to contaminated or swamp water. Or add additional polluted water weather effect or polluted water pools.
    Custom death animations.
    Mech parts.

    Remember to unzip the folder from the zip file when placing in your mods folder to get it to work.

    I'm always open for more ideas. Weaknesses, strengths,weapons, armor, and anything.
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