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Xeno's InvaderZim Race Mod 2.8

Play as the Irken and Vortian Race from Invader Zim.

  1. XenoMind
    Frackin Universe Addon:

    1.3 Compatible. A lot of Irken Tech has been moved to the new Irken Assembler Crafting table. Craft it by pressing C to build vehicles, augments, weapons, special PAKs, and armor.

    Irken planets have a greater chance of showing up with newly made characters.

    Warning if you have a Irken character previously the change of Material IDs will cause your ship walls to fill with dirt. To fix this delete your ship world, restart a new game, or replacecurrent the shipwalls manually. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\storage\player. Once there, find your latest SHIPWORLD file and delete it if you wish to delete your ship world file.

    Hello Everyone! This is my first mod. There was a previous outdated Irken mod before. So to bring back that experience I decided to create my own from scratch! There are some bugs here and there, so this mod is not finished.


    Human Race

    Gaz, Tak, and Dib hairstyles

    Vortian Race

    Comes in different shades of colors
    Different Eye colors
    Different Horn variations
    Enemy npcs

    Irken Race

    Comes in different shades of Green
    Different Eye colors
    Some variations of antennae however not much. You'll have to keep clicking through the variations to find them.
    Custom Mech deployment animation.
    Erichius rain on abandoned Irken planets.
    Custom Dungeons
    Irkens have a status weakness. Food poisoning has been removed in exchanged for PAK upgrades, and Irkens inability to remove them or else suffer from 10 minutes of Doom.

    Indicates a healthy Irken
    Warning none Irken players should beware of wearing Irken PAKs. You'll learn Irken recipes but the PAK will kill you if you wear it for too long.

    Armor and Weapon Features:

    GirSuit (Created by cipherGeneticist)
    Dib's Glasses
    Irken Invader Uniform
    Tier1 Irken Elite Armor
    Tier1 Irken Minigun
    Tier1 Vortian Armor
    Tier1 Irken Headpiece
    Tier1 Irken Sword
    Tier1 Vortian sword

    Tier2 Irken Technician Armor
    Tier2 Irken Driver
    Tier2 Irken grenades
    Tier2 Irken JetPacks (Augment compatible)
    Irken Brain Extractor

    Tier3 Irken Demolitionist Armor
    Tier3 Irken Pistol
    Tier3 Irken Spear
    Tier3 Irken Spacesuits (Augment compatible)

    Tier4 Irken Spec Ops Armor
    Tier4 Irken Shotgun
    Tier4 IrkenRailPistol
    Tier4 Irken Stun Spear

    Tier5 Irken Guard Armor
    Tier5 Irken Assault Rifle
    Tier5 Irken Reinforced Driver

    Tier6 Irken Trooper Armor
    Tier6 Irken Violium Driver
    Tier6 Irken Stun Claw
    Tier6 Irken energy sword
    Tier6 Vortian energy sword
    Tier6 Irken Charge Gun
    Tier6 Irken Rocket Launcher
    Tier6 Irken SMG
    Tier6 Vortian Armor (found in acceleractor)

    Armors are also dyeable for two colors only. Purple or Red.

    AI, Vehicle and Ship Features

    Custom SIR unit and Lard Nar SAIL AI
    Irken NPCS and visitors
    Irken Tenants
    Added all tiered custom ship upgrades.
    Custom Sir Pet
    Custom Irken hoverbike
    MegaDoomer X-3 Combat Stealth Mech
    Irken HunterMech body
    Irken HunterMech claw
    IrkenMech Legs
    IrkenMech Boosters
    New Irken Planets. With a chance of being a lava (red clouds) or erichius varient (purple clouds).
    Captureable Malfunctioning Sirunits

    Furniture, and Items

    Includes starter items within ship locker at start
    Irken PAK which provides an energy boost, augment slot and breath protection.
    Irken Crate
    Irken Monitor
    Irken Pod
    Irken Bar Stool
    Irken Bed
    Irken Sign
    Irken Oven
    Irken Fridge
    Irken Ceiling Light
    Irken Rubbish Bin
    Irken Ceiling wires
    Irken Weapons rack
    Irken Reinforced Blocks
    Irken Wall blocks
    Irken Airlockdoor
    Irken Pipes
    Irken Platform
    Irken VendingMachine
    Flag edited
    Irken Chests (Now found throughout Irken planets)
    Jarred Brain
    Shloogorgh Chunks
    Extreme Brainjuice
    Irken Soda
    Irken Chips
    Irken Popcorn
    Irken Donuts
    Irken Nachos
    Irken Sandwich
    Irken Burger
    Krazy Tacos
    Vort Dog
    Shloogorgh Fries
    Suck Munkey
    Irken Assembler (A new Crafting table which can be built with C key and upgraded)
    Irken Terraformer
    Irken Microformer
    Resistium Ores
    Irken Table

    Major Bug fixes:

    Compressed and made selecting antennae on Irkens easier
    Fixed a bug where the Modular Irken Mecha Claw would freeze in place and render the mech unuseable.
    Fixed Muzzlefire on irken shotgun and machinegun


    Megadoomer might lag sometimes, and can be buggy. It's spawn effect is also invisible.
    PAK protections fail briefly when teleporting back to the ship. (none game breaking but can be annoying on poison planets)
    SpittleRunner's muzzle fire is invisible.
    Flying vehicles have problems with clipping sometimes.
    Upgraded tiered ship has graphical problems tier 5-8
    Vending machine image shows double images when it shouldn't.
    Possibly other bugs. (let me know if you run into any and I'll fix them)
    Some crashes may occur


    Changed the color of Irken tables slightly so they don't clash as much with the background at the outpost.
    Vort dogs require a inferior brain instead of cooked fish.
    Irken Assembler now requires a superior brain to reach tier3.
    Mobs drop brains when killed with the Irken brain extractor.

    Planned Updates

    Add more NPC names that are more Irken-like.
    More Irken food items
    Add better dye colors for other colors besides red and purple.
    More Irken Furniture.
    Tier 1 and 2 ranged weapons.
    Possibly weakness to contaminated or swamp water. Or add additional polluted water weather effect or polluted water pools.
    Custom death animations.
    Sir attack pet.

    I'm always open for more ideas. Weaknesses, strengths,weapons, armor, and anything. Suggestions are most welcome!

    Special thanks to cipherGeneticist for making the GirSuit

    Alternative Download

    Steam Download


    More images
    weird tenants.jpg Irken Starbound mod1.jpg Irken hoverbike.jpg Irken colonists.jpg
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. Doogoul
    Version: 2.8
    The mod is simply great, but there is a problem with the Irken PAK, it is not in the storage on the boat at the beginning. And I wonder when the mod will be updated
  2. Robot_Farmer
    Version: 2.8
    Thank you so much for sharing this! This is amazing work!
  3. luciano3112
    Version: 2.7
    for what I see is a great mod but the link is down
  4. mariomarioYT
    Version: 2.7
    pls reupload the dropbox link
    1. XenoMind
      Author's Response
      Done, it should work now. If you still have issues. Contact me and I'll try getting it working again^^
  5. Maracna
    Version: 2.7
    For now I will give it 4 stars, not because the mod is bad, but a little unfinished, and the author even explained why.
    Still, i'ts one of my favorite race mods as it adds stuff to the base game that isnt game breaking, a thing I really like! The sprites are nicely done, and as I could see in the pirate ships, they fit nicely with other ingame materials!
  6. Ichimatsu
    Version: 2.7
    Why is this only 3.5 stars? This mod only keeps on improving and more stuff is being added quite regularly; I love it.
  7. shadow_absorber
    Version: 2.7
    Good work on the project Xeno.
  8. Lord Maron
    Lord Maron
    Version: 2.7
    This mod has immense and amazing work put into it. The visuals, themes, dialogue and environments are great. The amount of references to Irken equipment and specific plot points really give it life and depth that I can truly appreciate.

    However, there is an unforgivable sin: You can't wear any other EPP besides the Irken PAK or you will die! Bye bye lanterns and wings. I can't give up baked-in darkness visibility or the ability to float around for this.
    1. XenoMind
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for your review. But I don't see why you'll give my mod a 2 star. 2 star means my mod is below average, and is bad. Also the Irken PAKs and later in the game Augments in the PAKs and late game armors allow you to light your way and add stacking if you must need lanterns or gravity. You can always put a cosmetic over the PAKs too.
  9. Gassy
    Version: 2.6
    I can't tell you how hyped I am that this mod is getting so many updates!
  10. LegendXCarisso
    Version: 1.3
    The Megadoomer Giiiir! The most powerful stealth robot in the Irken military. Built by conquered Vort scientists actually.

    ...They're filthy. >:3