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WW Furnishing 2.6

Various themes for all your furnishing needs: CT-EXE, Cirque du Sombre, Gothic Lolita, Greek, etc

  1. Major re-brand! IKN is now WW!

    2.1 Change log:

    First official update of 2020!
    Happy new year!

    ♦️ Major re-brand! IKN is now WW.
    ♦️ Due to reports of items with IDs clashing with other mods, the wallpapers on IDs 403, 404 and 405 were moved to different ones. We apologize for the inconveniences this may cause.
    ♦️ All CT-EXE neon signs have been moved to a vendor of its own that can be purchased off the CT-EXE section.
    ♦️ 10 new neon signs.
    ♦️ 2 new wallpapers.
    ♦️ Brand new theme: Neo Imperial & Zen!
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