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WW Furnishing 2.6

Various themes for all your furnishing needs: CT-EXE, Cirque du Sombre, Gothic Lolita, Greek, etc

  1. Brand new update to celebrate IKN's first year!

    ♦️ New items:
    × Spooky Kitty chairs, tables and ceiling lamps.
    × CT-EXE couch, vending machine, racial signs.
    × Bohemia hanging baskets.
    × Hot Rose & Rosé baskets.
    × Spring Festival slightly longer table, curtain and drapes.

    ♦️ New themes!
    × Luxurius Casino
    × Nautic & Sea Voyage
    × Punk Plaid
    × Sleek & Elegant

    ♦️ Fixes and changes:
    × Upgrade to the shop sprite.
    × Buttons color correction in the interface.
    × Cirque Bouncy Ball isn't stiff anymore.
    × TV Stands Size Corrections, including: Spring Festival TV Stand, Hot Rose TV Stand & Rosé TV Stand.
    × Name corrections done, Drawers to Dressers and Counters to Cabinets.
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