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Wood to coal conversion 1.02 reup

Converts wooden logs to coal

  1. Shooterguy1220
    Version: 1.02 reup
    This mod was a godsend for me. Ironically coal was the one resource I always ran short on even if it was the most common one around. I found myself spending thousands of pixels buying the stuff to feed my avali character and honestly the rest of them as well. And since I am a minecraft player I was used to the idea of wood to coal. This one mod saved me hours of tedious resource grinding. So well done and thanks.
  2. Lockin_Nekerein
    Version: 1.02 reup
    Hore, now more easy to get coal
  3. dlcgeek
    Version: 1.02
    Still works perfectly, thanks! Perfect for FU.
  4. Ragdriel
    Version: 1.02
    Really useful for people who uses FU and needs a lot of coal. And by a lot, I really mean A LOT
  5. Yurioppoor
    Version: 1.0
    Nice mod, but didnt have to tripple post. Could just include the various version into one archive.
    1. Iris Blanche
      Author's Response
      That's what i did now. >v< I'll only let steam splitted.

      ~ Iris ~