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WolFen FLCN-11 Gunship 1.3a

A solo/duo operated gunship with set of weapon, projectiles switching and a lot of other features.

  1. UPDATE 1.3a

    -Pilot's & Gunner's Headset in the WolFen FLCN Station and slight modification on the sprite itself.
    -Added a new condition where [DRN] will only deploy on auto-land if the ALR/Auto-[FLR] is toggled on.

    -Changed [RLG] & [CLB] firing to [F]+[LMB] & [F]+[RMB], switched the [HMG] & [LCH] ammo cycling to [SPC]+[LMB] & [SPC]+[RMB] so you don't slow-down or flip accidentally whenever you use the secondary weapons. Experimental and we'll see how this goes.
    -Changed the sprite for the WolFen FLCN Station.
    -Flare deploy now applies knockback and flares themselves apply burning status when touched by the enemies.
    -HE clusterbomb now does damage on the initial explosion before the cluster of bombs.
    -Increased IN clusterbomb to 6 and gravity bomb to 4 projectiles.
    -Updated all the thumbnail and parked gusship accordingly to the [RLG] and [LCH] adjustment.
    -Re-allowed any headgear for passengers.
    -Updated old and new codex.

    - Fixed a bug where alert sound goes on a loop when you stop taking damage.
    - Fixed visual glitch when back projectile spawn they are briefly visible.
    - Bottom thrusters will now only start in Flight Mode.
    - Adjusted the [RLG] and [LCH] fire points and positions to avoid hitting the wing at 10'Oclock angle while stationary.
    - Fixed a bug where you can still switch [HMG] ammo without reloading after shooting one or two rounds.
    - Fixed an issue when pilot or gunner can still switch [RLG] ammo even if they don't have control over it.
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