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WolFen FLCN-11 Gunship 1.3a

A solo/duo operated gunship with set of weapon, projectiles switching and a lot of other features.


    WolFen FLCN-11: 1.3 GUN CYCLE UPDATE!
    "Hi! Rikkun here, I made an update for this mod! I mainly did some visual updates, adding some small animation here and there and done some adjustments while keeping it close to the original. Things got out of control when I found out there’s this miniUFO in the game, I gotta snatch the codes from it that lets you beam stuff, so I added 2 new function that lets you get NPCs on the gunship railing now and take Mechs and Vehicles with you. I added more conditions for other misc stuff and made some tweaks to balance things out.

    The new update have separate assets from the previous version, since the mod need a bit of file organization and I don't wanna break anyone save or mods that require this doing so. The old gunship will function normally and you can upgrade it for free via the "WolFen FLCN Station" you can get fro Penguin Pete. I recommend you upgrading since I won't be able to support the old version, though I might keep it as an alternative if this one comes out laggy for anyone.

    I spend a good amount of time updating this but I had fun doing so, there are 2 additional keybinds I could play around for the future functions, you can play music on the last key as a place holder for now as I try to figure out the function for those in the future. I have quite a few ideas but I'm still trying to figure things as I go, it is what it is for now and I hope you enjoy this update!"

    I may have added more stuff that I can't recall but I know not everyone can be bothered or read change logs anyways.

    - 2 additional color option, black and white.
    - updated some of the sprites, animation, adjusted their locations and layering.
    - 2 additional keybinds, Special2 & Special3. (be sure to assign this in your control keybinds, I personally use G & H key for this)
    - flares will now wonder and go knockback enemies, flares are also automatically deployed when gunship is damaged.
    - [HMG], [LCH], [FLR] & [CLB] reloading and armed sounds.
    - 3x more projectiles and ammo cycling with sounds.
    - Ejection hatch for the rocket shells.
    - Landing gear with animations. that is functional (see below for conditions)
    - New thruster and engine animations with tilting.
    - Forward thrust sound with zero-g version.
    - Attack Drones deployment
    - Flares are more functional and will auto deployed when gunship is damaged. also added a way to toggle the alert sounds.
    - Door animation with corresponding sound, along with new entry/exit sound.
    - [DRH] Door Hatch can be opened and NPCs will be pull the landing gear platform under the wing. Now maybe you can do a fly bys! (I accidentally made this from experimenting with the miniUFO codes. I'm still trying to figure out how to make NPCs hop inside the gunship, take note that NPCs may jump off sometimes. This is still experimental and I don't know if I should keep or improve upon this feature.)
    - [GVF] Gravity Field this one can carry mech and some vehicles and may also grab dropped loot when close by. though when activated the gunship will go only half as fast and will not work in Zero-G. (As I notice that it just catapults things away at a very high speed!)
    - [MSC] This is a placeholder for now as I still figuring things for this for the future.
    - Portable railgun from the WolFen Station. (I could potentially add more stuff on this station in the future)
    - New alert and on fire sounds.
    - Added invisible backpiece when riding the gunship so no more vanity items poking out.
    - merp.

    - Changed price from 100k to 150k.
    - Raised HP from 10k to 15k.
    - Rocket/Railgun rotation from 300° to 330° spin.
    - Doubled the radius on the spotlight.
    - Reduce loudness of engine, startup and siren sounds.
    - Changed passenger capacity from 4 to 6.
    - Wreckage duration from 10 to 30 seconds and turned down the flames.
    - Mass for engines-off & wreckage changed from 3 to 20, it's a heavy gunship.
    - Collision damage from 50 to 250, its an aircraft after all and should be careful not to crash it.
    - Moved the rear flame to the engine exhaust itself and adjusted the animation.
    - Added a soft glow on the Protectorate & WolFen logo.
    - Adjusted some particles.
    - Longer zero-g brakes.
    - LMB and RMB is free now so you can use two weapons at the same time.
    - Lowered the Engine Loop, Engine Start & Siren sound a bit.
    - Adjusted dynamic wing hitbox, railgun/rocket can still sometimes when shooting above.
    - Added separate anchor rotation for the [RLG] & [LCH]

    - If auto-landing finishes, siren, headlights will turn off and the door hatch will close and gun rotation will reset. drones will be activated for gunship defense.
    - fixed on potential exploit where you can fire the machine gun through walls. I made some condition that if there's blocks in front of the gunship you won't able to shoot the turret. if the blocks are in the rear and nothing in front of the gunship then you can still shoot.
    - bomb hatch now closes when all projectiles are ejected.
    - gunship will still wobble when its very close to the ground and will only stop when its touching the ground.
    - landing gear won't deploy on slopes, can be activated and will form as a break. it will double the railgun rpm when deployed.
    - door hatch and gravity field will automatically close when in zero-g.
    - penguin or small NPCs will float under the wing if they got pulled when the [DRH] feature is is active and sometimes it can flung NPCs around. due to the momentum being pulled.


    1. WolFen FLCN-11 Blueprint.png
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