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Outdated Wire Overhaul Nano + Recipe + Images

Tiny- and Nano variants of the regular wire logic gates + repeaters!

  1. \o/ \o/ \o/ !!!Repeaters!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

    One thing, that i missed totally in the game, is the wire component "repeater". I loved them in minecraft - cause of the endless possibilities.

    I coded 3 kind of repeaters for the new tiny logic update :

    Activation takes 1/2 s. Deactivation takes 0 s.

    Activation takes 0 s. Deactivation takes 1/2 s.

    Activation takes 1/2 s. Deactivation takes 1/2s.

    I also fixed the corners of the gates
    Moar updates will come (recipes, i had no time up to now!)
    ! repeater.png
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