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Outdated Wire Overhaul Nano + Recipe + Images

Tiny- and Nano variants of the regular wire logic gates + repeaters!

  1. Last Update for now

    I worked hard on this update today, so i think I'm kind of ready with it :)

    - I totally overhauled the image-files. I was not happy with the colorful ones, i like them more technical.

    - I fixed a random bug with the repeaters. Sometimes they gave out false, instead of true, even when their images were activated

    - I added nano-versions of all Items

    - I decided not to make "invisible" icons, because they will totally mess up everything. If you like so, erase the images by your own :)

    - I changed the recipes. So it's a bit more expensive to build the smaller variants and you need the bigger versions, before you can craft the small ones.

    Please share your ideas or wishes with me :)

    Zkaface wire.gif
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