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Winterfest Holiday - Galactic Shops Addon 1.2

Holiday mission and rewards.

  1. Tremerion
    Donation. Help me make more content for this mod and others.

    Requires Galactic Shops.
    -Winterfest is moved onto Space Station(newest Galactic Shops update)

    (Mod is now pernament, will move teleporter in future to different location in Market, but mod will not be taken down after holidays)

    Welcome to the Winterfest Holiday!
    Throughout the holiday you can get exciting rewards! Gather Winterfest Snowflakes by completing quests and by exchanging Winterfest Joy and Big Stolen Presents at Rewards Storage. When you get a reward it will be avaiable to buy it again from Rewards Storage for 1 pixel. Take quests from boards, then use teleporter to go to a missions areas. Some missions require from you to give items to someone. You can get these items from Quests Dispenser.

    There are few things hidden in areas :)

    Quests symbols:

    Happy Face missions are peaceful. No combat. Sword missions are combat oriented.
    Green sword - easy, Yellow - medium and Red are hard.
    But remember, easy does not mean you can go on them with a wooden sword.
    If you want you can go to the locations without quests.

    Earned rewards will be avaiable after unlocking in Rewards Storage, in case you lose it or want more of it.

    I am willing to add more rewards if you have some good ideas :)

    Have fun! And let me know if you have questions, problems.
    -Moved rewards to Galactic Shops mod. So even when you unsub/delete event mod, your rewards will not disappear.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. map_base.jpg
    2. map_camp.jpg
    3. map_station.jpg
    4. map_village.jpg
    5. quest_1.jpg
    6. quest_2.jpg
    7. quest_3.jpg
    8. quest_4.jpg
    9. quest_5.jpg
    10. quest_intro.jpg
    11. quest_introend.jpg
    12. quests_dispenser1.jpg
    13. quests_dispenser2.jpg
    14. Rewards1.jpg
    15. Rewards2.jpg
    16. Rewards3.jpg
    17. tele_1.jpg
    18. tele_2.jpg
    19. winterfest_snowflake.jpg
    20. winterfest_spirit1.jpg
    21. winterfest_spirit2.jpg
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