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Outdated Wild Things 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)

Become a Survivalist! Setup camp and hunt and gather from new animals and plants plus more!

  1. #0.0.4 - Winter Treats

    Armed Mosquito
    Happy holidays everyone! This update I bring you a treat to go along with the holidays for this monster, also the other changes have been added that have nothing to do with the holidays. Check it all out below to see what changes there is this week!

    • I have added some palm trees that will drop wood and coconuts, you guessed it found in the Ocean Biome.
    • Fixed fish loot. It will now drop again.
    • Added a maple syrup tree, these can be obtained for personal use but produces no seeds or saplings.
    • You can now craft rope, flares, and torches from the camp craft category on the Survivalist Table.
    • You can now craft the default hunting weapons in the hunter weapons section on the Survivalist Table.
    • Feathers now drop from flying creatures when hunting with bows.
    • After you collect reeds in starbound they grant you a new recipe to create a blowgun. Once you create a blowgun and its inside your inventory a quest begins to obtain your own capture tool, a tranquilizer.
    • Added a new section to the website to show some super early plans. I will expand on this section later but right now its working for the purpose.
    • I will now archive all versions by the day, so by the end of the day all revisions made will be archived automatically making future work easy.
    • Website: Last modified tooltip has changed format to be a bit easier to understand. It is using a 24 Hour Clock for the time stamp as well as the date MM-DD-YEAR.
    • Steam Extractor has been added. This is useful for extracting essential oils from plants and seeds later.
    • Fish can now produce oil from a oil extractor such as the Steam Extractor.
    • Not the most simple task but in order to create your first Steam Extractor you will be required to find a sewer tank in the world, which will start a quest on the basics of using it after it's created. Good luck these will mainly be used for extracting oils but future plans for its use will likely expand.
    • Added a new Wild Thing the Brown Bear!
    • Coconuts can now be used with the Steam Extractor to extract Coconut Oil.
    • Ghost & Aliens spawn density has been reduced due to the end of halloween. They still spawn but are much more rare.
    • The moose, koala spawn density has been slightly reduced.
    • Some changes on how sound effects are played have occurred, I have fixed up the animation file and the monster files so they play properly. Thanks for spotting the problem @teihoo This issue was causing the game to crash in version #0.0.3.
    • Catch the Gingerbread Man if you can! He will drop lots of Holiday Spirit!
    • Added a custom decorated tree that works the same exact way the holiday crafting table will work.
    • Keep an eye out for the gift box monster! He drops a questing item for a collectable winter pet. Only obtainable during winter holidays.
    • I have removed the recipe for turning pixels into holiday spirits, a complete overwrite its not fun if you just buy your spirits!
    • Fixed the recipe taught when picking up leather scraps.
    • If you happen to receive a gift pet you will also be granted the recipe to craft the pet from the Wild Things Station forever.
    • Wild Thing Station works by being placed on a wall, its a craft table that is going to be used for pet collectors. More information will be posted soon..
    • Only way you will obtain the Wild Things Station is to unlock at least (1) pet. As of 0.0.4 there is only unlockable winter pets. I will introduce the plans on pet collection for pet collectors in the next update.
    • Resolved an issue with the websites commenting system, it now works as intended.
    • Butchers Block Table quality has upgraded to uncommon.
    • All .consumable items have been updated with some new parameters or new code.
    • Smoked Jerky got a buff increase for running, and a very lesser well fed buff has been added.
    • Coconut Oil will now restore energy it will be eventually further used in some cooking recipes, coffee creamer, sun screen, etc.
    • Banana Oil is just like coconut oil above it can have multiple purposes but if used directly then your skin will glow! So good for the skin, so good!
    • Nano Wrap has been added to the Survivalist Table, the recipe for a nano wrap is learned the same way Starbound has it currently implanted.
    • Once you find reed, the Blowgun recipe unlocks you will be able to craft it from the Survivalist Table.
    • You can download archived versions of Wild Things now on the website.
    • Fixed nightly changes for smallfish.monstertype treasure pool.
    • Fixed nightly changes for all quest files, no issues but new params have been added.
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