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Outdated Wild Things 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)

Become a Survivalist! Setup camp and hunt and gather from new animals and plants plus more!

  1. #0.0.3 - [NIGHTLY]

    Armed Mosquito
    • Wild Things custom website finished.
    • Early Access Versions and the website are becoming friends. A system is working between the two that makes keeping you updated with the latest work.
    • @teihoo is working with making a custom dungeon, right now its just in planning stage and he is messing around with it.
    • Designed a new system for Early Access Version.
    • Wild Things website is too big for a mod, its being re-designed. All custom.
    • Updated some plans for #0.0.3 on trello.
    • I forgot to add the Jointing Kit recipes to unlock, so the jointing kit wasn’t working right before to fix it simply drop it and pick it up.
    • You can now cook all butcher cuts because this is the cave-man style of cooking it will only buff you with “wellfed”.
    • Early Access Subscriber version has released.
    • Fixed “am_rawsquid.item”. Causes a crash due to a parsing error, this is now resolved.
    • Fixed new Wild Thing inventory icon on the quality carcass.
    • Butcher Saw is now Uncommon.
    • Did a grammar check sweep. Fixed a bit of error in the “English” department.
    • Removed “am_smokedjerkyBB.item” replaced quest reward with “am_butchercuts”. Smoked Jerky still is in this mod however I was using a test item to teach recipes on the completion of a quest.
    • Jointing Kit and Fish De-Boner have had their pickup recipes removed. It was tested and you will no longer need it to work like this but everything you know will work the same with the Fish De-Boner and the Jointing Kit.
    • Leather is dropped now instead of leather scraps when using a snare.
    • Added a some plans for #0.0.3 early access version.
    • knockoutState.lua removed. This file added as a test and never removed.
    • Added a new Wild Thing.
    • Raised the drop rate for the quartered meat from using a Butcher Saw to quarter meat. You will see more meat and fewer leather scraps now.
    • Default kills on Wild Things will no longer drop leather, but instead leather scraps that in turn can be used to craft leather.
    • Aliens will no longer drop leather or leather scraps but instead raw alien meat when using the butcher saw.
    • All Wild Things except ghost will drop offal's.
    • Using a Butcher Saw will now allow the chance to receive the offal as well with each kill.
    • Jointing Kit is no longer a common item but a rare due to the work behind getting one, it's not super hard but its a unique chain of events to receive it.
    • Jointing Kit, and the Survivalist Table will no longer destroy from rain, the downside to this is it means it can in water. But I don’t see many people doing that too often anyhow..
    • Butcher Saw recipe was wrong, fixed you will learn how to create a Butcher Saw when you pick up the Survivalist Table.
    • Added "Chopped & Cubed Meat." Useful for soups, stews at the Kitchen, and even preserving foods with the Survivalist Table.
    • I have removed the category from the Butchers Block Table; it was going to be for preparing meat further, but it won’t be needed that advance so I just took that down a notch.
    • Butchers Block Table has a new quest added to it for becoming a butcher.
    • Smoked Jerky taught when you picked up a Butchers Block Table, after you complete this quest you will unlock the other cuts for butchers to use.
    • Smoked Jerky created from Raw Sirloin reduced from x5 toX3.
    • Smoked Jerky item description has changed.
    • Cleaned up the language used in the Quest.
    • Snaring no longer will catch a quality carcass, in reality you get more leather than meat from trapping. Although you can, and do get both.
    • Clay is now an ingredient in order to craft the Survivalist Table.
    • You are granted a quest when using your Butchers Block Table, but now the final reward will be your item to unlock the other cuts. So remember if you don’t finish this quest for butchering you won’t be able to do too much with your meat in the future. This item is no longer able to be shared amongst others to skip the quest! Usable only once!
    • Added a new object, the Fish Deboner this will clean up all fish caught into raw fish useful for cooking.
    • Removed Small Fish completely.
    • Raw Fish no longer drops from killing fish. They must be de-boned using the fish de-boner.
    • Killing a fish with a bow will yield normal Starbound loot, which at this time is just a “rawfish”.
    • Quest added to all fish, starts the quest for creating a fish de-boner.
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