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Outdated Wild Things 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)

Become a Survivalist! Setup camp and hunt and gather from new animals and plants plus more!

  1. Armed Mosquito

    - Development Version -
    Would you like to download latest changes, added or removed? This version is great for testing things out as I add or change them but its likely to contain unwanted bugs possible major game breaking bugs if you are still interested check more below.

    Download from Dropbox
    (or search the archives of older development changes)

    Wild Things is not finished, you may encounter some bugs and other things that don't fully work as intended, yet.

    Enjoy evaluating Wild Things and if you find issues report here, or want to post feedback!
    • Crafting a Survival Handbook in game by pressing "c" from miscellaneous tab will start a Tutorial Quest Series to get all new survivalist ready for the new wild!

    • Create an entire camp site from the Camp Craft menu of the Survivalist Table.

    • Create a Butcher Block Table for preparing meat and offal parts harvested from the animals.

    • Create a Fish Cleaner to clean fish you collect in large quantities but remember the small fish wont produce as much raw fish meat as the bigger guys!

    • Every camp site needs a Survivalist Campfire to cook stews, make roast, deep fry, boil, grill, and even create other seasoned ingredients for more advanced recipes! This campfire will give nearby players the new Campfire Spirit Buff also it will keep you and friends warm in dangerously cold biomes!

    • Tanning Rack will be needed for preparing leather scraps, and trophy pelts later more options will be introduced for more leather equipment also.
    • Smoking Raw Meat Cuts for Smoked Jerky will help you on your adventures but requires a Smokers Rack.

    • Hunter Weapons that can do a range of different things to affect your loot such as skinning knifes, and meat harvesting knifes. You will need a Grinding Wheel Table to create many weapon ends however from a variety of materials you find.

    • New Plant Life to find on various planet biomes to be used for Plant Craft things such as Herbal Medicines, Survival Kits, and more.

    • Introducing Snares, and Traps set your trap to catch animals over time while your out doing other things. Remember a small simple snare wont catch a bear!

    • There are over 20 new fishing drops to gather from fish some fish species might even serve other uses!

    • Adds 12 Animals that can all be caught for pets that fight on your side!

    • Animals will not spawn in any random biome but more accordingly. You will not be finding a Pig in a artic biome anytime soon but you might find a Snow Owl there at night time! Same goes for new plant life.

    • Each of the animals have a specific loot tables for different hunter weapons.

    • Small, Medium, and Big Game animal sizes will change your harvest size!

      Wild Things is a work in progress mod its going to require lots of tweaking before things are working just as I intend so I would love to hear your feedback to help improve the mod.

    [​IMG] No bugs reported as of yet for version #0.0.8b

    If you found a bug while playing the latest version please report the issues to me in the support thread here.

    If its listed above its likely going to be resolved in the next update.

    • More animal species Small, Medium, and Big Game.
    • Improved Animal AI (they eventually will get new skills, health, etc)
    • Trophy Collecting for a Reward System
    • More harvestable Plant Species
    • New Leather types and Pelts for Leather Equipment Creations
    • More Cloth types to be used for Tailoring Creations
    • Animals like Sheep you can harvest Wool from without killing them. Shears.
    • Improved Consumables (better configured and balanced)
    • Improved Crafting Stations (custom interface to fit the final button configuration)

    • If possible eventually I would love to create a pet that you can send out to attack optionally, tanks for you, pet status effects, perhaps a entire pet leveling system.


    What is WildThings?
    Wild Things is a survivalist style mod it aims to bring you familiar elements of the real world for planet survival! It offers you new ways to hunt and gather with purpose. Its a little spice of realism to creatures it introduces to the game and plant species.

    The end goal would be to create a mod that makes you truly feel your a survivalist amongst a huge universe using different planet biomes and animal species to help you advance. I would also love to introduce the hunter class to the game by upping the way the pets eventually work with your player. The list goes on so If your into these types of things it might be your type of mod or so I hope!

    Is the mod still being developed, should I expect more?
    Yes, it certainly is thanks!

    Its not a finished mod at all in fact I feel it still needs much attention to make it come together as a full Survivalist mod. I expect to add much new content and even mechanics as development goes on I will first start by making sure the mod has a good stable foundation before building up on it all to avoid changing things in future releases.

    If you have feedback for a survivalist mod I would love to hear about them on this mods thread found here.

    How do I start using WildThings?
    To start using this mod when you enter the game enter your plain crafting menu by pressing "c". Once here find the Survival Handbook you can type this into the search bar to save some time or check the miscellaneous tab of the plain crafting menu.

    Is this mod compatible with others?
    Shortly put it should be 98% compatible with all other mods.

    I have taken just about every step to making things compatible. I tap into many of the default tables and arrays of starbound and add my own new data. There is not really any files that replace things but instead add new or adds new things to old arrays at the end of the list.

    If you do happen to spot a compatibility error please let me know I will be sure to resolve it for the next update.

Recent Reviews

  1. Utkudakid
    Version: 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)
    It crashes when i open wild things table
  2. Sierrabind
    Version: 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)
    First off, amazing idea! I always loved the survivalist type stuff. I sorta ran into a problem though.. I am up to the quest where it tells me to make a stone knife, but I cannot craft a wooden handle. The recipe just doesn't exist. I checked every crafting table I had, even ones that didn't make sense but I just cannot find it. I suppose it could somehow be interacting with another mod, but I dunno why that would be the only item affected.
  3. Intergalactic Atheist
    Intergalactic Atheist
    Version: 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)
    Fantastic mod!
  4. haziel831
    Version: 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)
    Owesome mod, nice pixel art is really fun! I'm still on the tutorial parts but so far is work'n perfect. Keep the good work :)
  5. AdmiralKew
    Version: 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)
    Great mod! This really adds a whole lot more depth to Starbound.
    Two questions though:
    Will the base game's randomized animals eventually be ported to the Wild Things style of hunting and processing?
    Will you and the author of this mod: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/hunger-thirst.2953/ begin work on integrating each other's mods?
    1. Armed Mosquito
      Author's Response
      Thanks a bunch for your great review!

      I never considered it to much yet but there is a chance I could use it in ways that benefit the Survivor. I mean the monsters working something like the animals added but probably a bit down the road from that as I still have to give each animal more unique loot etc and once I got a good foundation I will likely start branching out giving more options to the players.

      If that doesn't happen you can always count on more animals being added which in the end should make it easier finding some.

      Far as hunger its actually going to return with un promised rumors of food rotting etc I can see some great use of jerky then when this happens after all its a preserved food! So far as hunger goes I will likely just wait it out once it returns to the game I will focus on balancing it back into place. Thirst is something however I doubt will come to the game but who knows it might if not maybe I will add a difficulty patch or two so I can add thirst using the mechanics of hunger to help speed it up.

      Feel free to update the support thread for anything else I can answer or assist with :) Thanks again for the review!
  6. ForgivenStar
    Version: 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)
    Really enjoy the mod and now that it's working again I can give a definite 5 stars. Thanks for the great support.
    1. Armed Mosquito
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the review and the spot on that major bug, glad I could help if you ever need more support feel free to reply to the thread again anytime :)
  7. BerryPunny
    Version: 0.0.8c (Spirited Giraffe)
    Great mod, i love roleplaying as a hunter and this just makes everything so much more fun but i have one small problem. I can't find out how to craft the wooden handle for the bone hunting knife and i looked all over the survivalists table. please help D: I really wanna continue this mod
    1. Armed Mosquito
      Author's Response
      Glad to assist on this issue further via the support thread but I think you may have found a bug I am not 100% but in the meantime I recommend using /admin and then /spawnitem wt-woodenhandle finally /admin again. Sorry about this issue and thanks for the kind review still I will be certain its fixed right now for the next update.

      If you need further support just open a post a reply at the Discuss This Mod area. Thanks again for the good review hope this helps out for now.
  8. Incredipede
    Version: #0.0.8b
    Awesome modification, but as ForgivenStar said, it sadly crashes while doing one mission on YourStarboundCrew. Also it seemed to cause a little bit of lag on my multiplayer server. Looking forward to a (possible?) fix and more content!
    1. Armed Mosquito
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review Incredipede! I was able to get the update released with the fix that should allow things to operate smoothly now for the server. I gave ForgivenStar the commands below to skip and get to that mission world via Starbound Crew hope this all works and helps for you I did some test to check things out before the release :)
  9. ForgivenStar
    Version: #0.0.8b
    Really enjoyed the mod for what I got to do. But the mod crashes with The Starbound Crew it seems. When we enter the mission to obtain the Hunter it goes nuts and crashes.
    1. Armed Mosquito
      Author's Response
      Thanks to you I was able to identify the issue you spotted a major crash happening when Starbound Crew would send you on that mission it was due to a typo in the code. This was making it lost searching for the spawn groups I have added simply it was trying to spawn the typo and it couldnt find the data to go with it.

      Anyhow thats resolved I tried warping to the mission world using the commands below to test it out. I tried it failing and working so I believe its all good now :)

      /warp MissionWorld:crewfindinghunter-6e614c1ddad9c28f597ac259677ea51b

      - The above command will take you to the world I believe was crashing when you would get their. So if you want to use that to bypass somethings as a quick test run if you get more issues please just be sure to update me on the support thread as before with a log that was perfect for me! Thanks again this was very helpful!
  10. Preacher
    Version: #0.0.8
    Glad you really continued developing! :-) Keep it up.
    1. Armed Mosquito
      Author's Response
      Thanks again Preacher! Working on getting information public on a wikia I have been creating :)