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Outdated Whobound - Itempack Re-Authored

Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Coats, Sandshoes, 3D-Glasses, Long Scarfes, Fezes, Bananagun + soon more

  1. Fixes and Additions | V.8.132

    Version 8.132
    or the "First Companion Item Update"
    The last few weeks mark alot of firsts not only in this update...
    Changes are right under this list.

    • The first time a Starbound mod has been recognized/liked and reccomended by the official Doctor Who team
    • The first time I started working on a full outfit for a classic doctor
    • The first Item that doesn't really belong to the doctor, Rory's Centurion Helmet
    • The first time I actively started working on custom races (Timelords, Silurians, Adipose) WIP
    • The first time I started on a custom space ship (TARDIS) WIP
    • The first time I teamed up with someone else for this project (just for one specific item) WIP
    • The first time I forgot to update Starbound and used an outdated version for a few weeks (Yes this is as dumb as it sounds)
    • And the first time I used the same sentence structure repeatedly in a change log.

    • Fixed issues with Dalekeyestalks and K9
    • Added Creepy Gas Mask
    • Added The Doctor's Top Hat (seen on various occasions in the show)
    • Added Top Hat from the Snowman Christmas Special
    • Added Doctor's Space Suit
    • Added Tenth's Doctoral Cap (From the Family of Blood)
    • Added Rory's Centurion Helmet
    • Added Doctor's Mop (Big Bang Two)

    The Doctor Who team requested the Adipose to be added, soooo.....

    When they are done they will be available as a race and a companion.
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