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Welcome To Hell V2.9.2

Adds the Marine Armors, Backpacks, Weapons, and More from Doom

  1. Doom 3 Stuff Update

    See version notes for more info
  2. V2.9.1

    The last update that will be coming out until I'm back from my break from modding. Please follow the instructions included in the v2.9.1 archive.

    v2.9.1 includes the "Welcome to Hell" folder containing the full mod, as well as a new folder called "DoomArmorOnly" which includes only the armor from this mod. This is an update for those who want to play multiplayer without any unbalanced items in it.
  3. Doom 3 Pistol and Shotgun Update - V2.9

    ~ Added the Doom 3 Pistol and Shotgun
    ~ Added UAC Station crafting bench (craftable via default hand crafting menu)
    ~ Separated all items into two categories. Doom1/2 category and Doom3 category. All items from those games are craftable in different crafting benches. UAC Station crafts Doom1/2 items and UAC Station crafts Doom3 items.
  4. Doom 3 Armor Update / Insta-Crafting

    ~ Added the Doom 3 Marine Armor and Backpack
    ~ Added Doom 3 Marine Armor Glove Variant and No Helmet Bloodless
    ~ Fixed some notable issues in graphic images
    ~ Changed all crafting recipes to insta-craft
  5. Title Screen Torn Armor / MegaArmor Update ~ V2.7

    ~ Added the Mega Armor
    ~ Added a Black Glove and Black Boot variant to the Basic Armor
    ~ Fixed a graphics error on the Basic Pants and Commander Pants
    ~ Fist is no longer a Spiked Knuckle. Has been updated to just a fist/punching. The number of punches for a combo has been increased as well for balance. Icon for the weapon has also been changed.
    ~ Added Face Blood Item
    ~ Added Torn Armor and Black Torn Armor (The Armor you see on the doom title screen with tears and blood)
    ~ Updated some Icons
  6. Red Armor/Fist/Machine Gun Update - V2.6

    See change log for changes.
  7. BFG/Pistol Update ~ V2.5

    Added BFG and Pistol (Note: BFG has a cooldown/firerate of a 20 second delay. You will know why when you use it. Both the BFG and Pistol have no current plans for alt abilities as of yet.)

    Updated the in game names of all weapons.

    Adjusted the stats of some weapons.
  8. Doom Mod V2.4

    See change log for details. A lot has been added and changed.
  9. Doom Stuff V2.3

    ~ Shotgun
    ~ Super Shotgun
    ~ Plasma Rifle with Alt Fire
    ~ UAC Terminal (Crafting Bench for all of this Mod's items that can be crafted from the [C] key default crafting menu)
    ~ Fix for Marine Tan Helmet default blueprint so you can craft it without /admin menus
  10. Doom Armor + Backpack V2.2

    Added back in the Tan Helmet which is now its own separate item in the spinning wheel.