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Outdated Weather Edits v1

Harmless celestial turds!

  1. lockclamp
    Version: v1
    nice mod now i don't need to build walls all the times
  2. TheFloranChef
    Version: v1
    Good mod. Who doesn't want to build bases on meteor planets?
  3. gameboytj
    Version: v1
    Yeah i hate that meteors can destroy the enviroment :(
    I did not find a single moon that had no meteors at all. They all had meteors one way or another... I'm glad this exists :)
  4. BenZeGamer
    Version: v1
    Great! Thanks a lot for creating this mod it's extremely useful for any buildings on a planet with meteor showers!
    1. lazarus78
      Author's Response
      Most welcome.