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Outdated Weapons Pack Beta v. Enraged Koala

New weapons and new ways of using them

  1. ioxles
    Tabula Rasa no longer required (though supported).

    New Guns:

    Wildfire and Blaine's Gun (good for pesky predators)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New weapons and new ways to use them.

    Giant Hammer for hunting large monsters, careful where you swing that thing.

    Sabre which you spin before you slash.

    Large two handed swords meant for slaying dragons.

    Lee Enfield: don't travel the desert without one by your side. Use it to hunt higher tier monsters.

    Sandglove, for when you need a lot of sand very quickly.

    Hosepipe: shoot water, lots of water.

    Each weapon works in a different way, this mod will be updated regularly with more weapons that are interesting.

    Compatible with pretty much anything as it uses Tabula Rasa, make sure you have that working then just unzip the folder in the /mods directory so it looks like /mods/ioxlesweaponspack.


    Craft a Tabula Rasa then craft the Smithy, put that down somewhere and craft the new weapons through that. If you want tier friendly weapons go into the /recipe folder in the mod directory and delete the cheap folder.

    Have Fun!
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Recent Reviews

  1. team3lost
    Version: Beta v. Enraged Koala
    Because sometimes things need to die.
  2. Guyverdude
    Version: Beta v. Enraged Koala
    Really like your mold breakers there. one wep id like to see would be a grappling hook that only lands on mobs to pull them off cliffs. ever play red ninja? check her kunai wire out!
  3. Damiano de' Caretti
    Damiano de' Caretti
    Version: Furious Koala v1
    Nice,but...can we have a version of the Enfield rifle that makes mobs drop pixels instead of other things?Also,The time it takes to recharge is acceptable,even good for me,but it takes too much time to get developed...
  4. richardbmwoxox
    Version: Furious Koala v1
    Great mod!! Love how the character hold the rapier. The small speed boost is a clever idea, it makes rapier attack look like a launch forward attack.
  5. Dr. Toros
    Dr. Toros
    Version: 1.1
    This adds a lot of very interesting mechanics, and the crafting table is detailed and large enough it doesn't fit easily on the ship. Great mod!
  6. ZeroHunter
    Version: 1.0
    I'll keep this short and sweet, this is a pretty impressive mod, giving a few custom attack weapons, yet they alone give a bit more of an interesting blend in combat. While the smithy is a tad big (Suppose that is on purpose) And the hunting hammer is MASSIVE. (too big for my tastes but I digress) I am quite impressed with what you made here. I just hope people don't use the sand glove and the hosepipe for evil purposes. But anyways, I'll be looking forward to what you make in the future.