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Outdated Weaponized Bugnets V1.0

This mod adds tiered, craftable bug nets that deal damage to any mob - not just insects

  1. Wulf_Oman
    Disclaimer and Update: I will no longer be modding for a while...or honestly if I'll even come back at some point. I'm focusing on a lot of other stuff within real life at the moment, including schooling. However, all of my mods are rather "Open Source", so if anyone from the community wants to update any of them in the future - I give full rights to do so. I would, however, at least like to know about any updates or additions! I'm always excited to hear new ideas and such; the only other thing I ask is to at least mention that the original was created by me somewhere.
    This mod was not originally in the Koala versions

    Weaponized Bug Nets

    Make sure you fully uninstall any old versions of this mod before installing new ones.

    Please report any bugs or mod conflicts immediately with your starbound.log and I'll see to them

    The nets in this mod were originally going to only be in the re-release of Crystomic Entomology, but I decided to make a separate mod with only (for now, at least. Maybe permanently?)

    Want more insects? Check out Bees! by Cactuar

    Ever get tired of running across a planet in search of insects, only to be mauled on by the other local wildlife? Tired of switching between the bug net and a weapon (or just not fast enough)? Then this mod is for you! It adds craftable bug nets that now deal damage to any monster, big or small, insect or not. Best part is, they still can capture insects and expand your morbid collection of slowly suffocating butterflies!

    This mod also adds recipes for the 4 Glow Fibres (all but 1 is useless [Orange]) at the Research Station

    The upper tier (4-6) nets provide a dim light that gets brighter very briefly when the weapon is swung.

    Tier 1: Normal Bug Net (Does not damage all monsters), the recipe was changed to require String instead of Fabric. (Tier 1, 2 & 3 do not provide any light.)
    Craftable at the Wooden Crafting Table
    Tier 2: M-T2, made out of Steel Bars and regular Plant Fibre (This tier and up will damage all monsters, but the damage is weaker then ordinary weapons. Remember, you're wacking monsters on the head with a pointy net, so it obviously wouldn't be equal to crushing their skulls.)
    Craftable at Iron Anvil
    Tier 3: M-T3, made out of Titanium Bars and Fabric
    Craftable at Metalwork Station
    Tier 4: M-T4, made out of Durasteel Bars and Orange Glow Fibre
    Craftable at Research Station (after requiring X amount of Ship Upgrades)
    Tier 5: M-T5, made out of Refined Violium and Orange Glow Fibre
    Craftable at Separator Table
    Tier 6: M-T6, made out of Impervium Compounds and Orange Glow Fibre
    Craftable at Separator Table




    Warning: When Crystomic Entomology is re-released (thanks to permission from Cactuar as well as other modders) it will most likely be deleted and moved into there only - unless there is big enough demand to keep a separate download for just the nets.


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    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.