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WEAPONFIX v018.20.10

Have you ever been annoyed by the appearance of vanilla weapons? Then this mod is for you !!!

  1. Darmen96
    Sorry for my English, thank you in advance.
    This mod changes the appearance of all the generated weapons in the game to a more realistic appearance. There are two files in the archive (install only one).
    -WEAPONFIX (full) compatibility:Fashion is not compatible with new races and armor, as well as modo modifying vanilla weapons.
    -WEAPONFIX mod is partially compatible with new races and armor. but not compatible with mods changing vanilla weapons.
    If you want to see what this mod does, then look at the image below:
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. BEFORE1.png
    2. AFTER1.png
    3. BEFORE2.png
    4. AFTER2.png
    5. BEFORE3.png
    6. AFTER3.png
    7. BEFORE4.png
    8. AFTER4.png
    9. BEFORE5.png
    10. AFTER5.png
    11. BEFORE6.png
    12. AFTER6.png
    13. BEFORE7.png
    14. AFTER7.png
    15. BEFORE8.png
    16. AFTER8.png
    17. 2018-01-22_171535.png
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  1. v018.20.10

Recent Reviews

  1. ditetej
    Version: v018.20.10
    A beautiful mod which excels at bringing the proportions of firearms to a reasonable, yet comfortable degree.

    sure, i guess that there could be super steroids that don't jeopardize the user's health, or interior exoskeletons weaved into bone and muscle that would allow for projectile launchers larger than one's figure to be practical in the far future - but since they aren't foreseeable yet, this mod is invaluable as i am unable to detach myself from reality enough to enjoy the game with mega-plus-sized boom-shooters

    also it's compatible with https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/upgraded-gun-names-borderlands-like-gun-names.3944/ even though both mods affect vanilla's rooty-tooty-shooty-and-shooties
  2. Descher
    Version: v018.20.10
    I love the mod on my Unstable version, but since I use Frackin' Universe on my Stable game, this mod doesn't work with it.
  3. Gugads21
    Version: v018.20.10
    One of the best weapon mods ever. This is what the developers should have done.
  4. alicundox95
    Version: 1.3