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Weapon Tech Mod V.

Adds special techs that can only be used with certain weapons.

  1. Revision #2 of V.0.6.0

    #Bug Fix#
    - Partial fix on dual dagger tech freeze / disappearance bug
  2. Revision #1 of V.0.6.0

    This is just a small revision patch of V.0.6.0.

    - Recipe of every modded weapon has been changed.
    - Replaced Solarium Star requirement with Dreadwing's Wreckage.
  3. RE-update

    I forgot to put a recipe in the code.
  4. Pleased Giraffe Upate

    Finally, I have finished the Pleased Giraffe update!
    It still might need some polishing though.
    Several minor updates will be made before I work on V.0.7.0.
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  5. Fixes & New skills(WIP)

    ##Bug Fix##
    - Disappearance bug on broadsword skills are now fixed.
    - Adjusted hitbox model for Howling Soul. Now it should work properly.

    - New item design for Howling Soul and Hellcat
    - New knockback mechanics for broadsword skills.
    a. Brandish - Knockback direction and distance is now relative to the vector value between monsters and player.
    b. Blast Edge - First...
  6. another bug fix

    - fixed disappearance bug in dual wielded dagger tech
  7. minor fix

    - fixed an issue with White Torrent Tech. Command should work properly now.
  8. Minor Patch

    - Fixed the tech files to make them available to custom races
    - Added color changing option to 'Gewitter'
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  9. Fixing recipe issue

    My bad, everyone. I kind of screwed up when I made recipe files.
    I packed old version instead of new one. It should work correctly now.

    #Old Recipe#
    -100 impervium compounds
    -50 solarium stars
    -5 matter blocks
    -2 boss drops

    #New Recipe#
    -30 impervium compounds
    -30 cerulium compounds
    -30 ferozium compounds
    -30 solarium stars
  10. New Update Arrived! - Compatible for Upbeat Giraffe

    V. 0.5.0 update has finally arrived. It's not finished though. It still needs some tweaking.
    For the detailed change log, please read overview page.