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Weapon Tech Mod V.

Adds special techs that can only be used with certain weapons.

  1. Fixes & New skills(WIP)

    ##Bug Fix##
    - Disappearance bug on broadsword skills are now fixed.
    - Adjusted hitbox model for Howling Soul. Now it should work properly.

    - New item design for Howling Soul and Hellcat
    - New knockback mechanics for broadsword skills.
    a. Brandish - Knockback direction and distance is now relative to the vector value between monsters and player.
    b. Blast Edge - First attack of this skill inflicts upward knockback.

    - Graphical modification on Howling Soul skills

    ##New Feature(WIP)##
    - Added regular spear skill
    a. Javelin (Currently only available for vanilla spears)
    1. Able to use with spear skill tech
    2. Press 'F' to wind up
    3. Skill will be automatically charged until you press LMB
    4. The power/speed/travel distance of projectile will be greatly increased as you build up the charge
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