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Weapon Tech Mod V.

Adds special techs that can only be used with certain weapons.

  1. Riuny
    WEAPON TECH MOD by Riuny V.0.6.0 (Pleased Giraffe - outdated)

    NOTICE : This mod is currently outdated. Updated version for latest build will be posted in near future.

    << Preview >>

    <<Further Description>>
    A.Now we have a nice little handout codex called 'WTM Manual'. It contains basic instructions of this mod. You can craft it with bare hands.
    B.'Emission Modifier' has been changed and its UI is very different now. It has to be placed nearby 'Modifier Container' to function correctly. Put weapons into the container first, and then use the modifier to change the color of skill effect. Invalid weapon will show up on the console UI. Both of these objects can be crafted with bare hands.

    A.To uninstall this mod properly, first, you have to unequip everything that belongs to this mod.(Techs, Weapons & Objects)
    B. Delete or remove this mod from your mod folder.
    C. Use THIS LINK to download blank modpak file.

    D. Put downloaded file into your mod folder.

    # I know it is kind of absurd that you have to install another mod to delete this mod but this is the only solution I have right now. I'll implement better solution to this problem if I find one.

    * Before I finish this posting, I must warn every mod user or mod creator who downloads this mod that this mod is REALLY,REALLY BETA. I did tested several times before I upload it, but still can be buggy. It needs further refinement.

    **Current Future Plan
    - More Weapons & More Techs
    - New Armors
    - More challenging mobs & bosses

    ***If you have any suggestion or comment or bug report, I would like to know about it. You can leave comments in discussion section.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Revision #2 of V.0.6.0
  2. Revision #1 of V.0.6.0
  3. RE-update

Recent Reviews

  1. -Skey-
    Version: V.
    It's effing gorgeous. The only minus is the fact it's outdated.
  2. Ayesha
    Version: V.
  3. Ziggy46
    Version: V.
    such an awesome mod love it and play starbound without
  4. Albert_The_Alpaca
    Version: V.
    OOOOOOOMMMMMMMFFFFFFFGGGGGGG TTTHHHIIISSS MOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. zoekmath
    Version: V.
    Even this mod hasn't been updated, it is great, and I think that it should be updated by someone because it would be very appreciated by the community of starbound. The author has done a great job, this kind of mod is extremenly difficult to do, stop saying "this doesn't work" and make it work!
    The author has spent a lot of time on this mod, why don't we take advantage of that?
  6. saf8772
    Version: V.
    Excellent work, I thought the animations were beautiful, I can't wait until it is updated to latest version. Keep up the amazing work!
  7. sithalo
    Version: V.
    people rating 1 star and talking about how it doesnt work, thats hurting the mods rating. its not updated yet for glad giraffe.

    its not compatible yet fully...

    and to slaughter, theres a number of other mods that would likely cause that issue as well, thats a risk when using mods or playing a game that still has major updates going that a character or mod might not make it to the release.
  8. Nameless Outsider
    Nameless Outsider
    Version: V.
    Doesn't even work...sadly. It looked so amazing in the preview.
  9. Slaughter300
    Version: V.
    I can't remove this mod without deleting the character it was used with. I hate this mod in such an unimaginable way.
  10. MegaMorpeh
    Version: V.
    I can't unlock the tech.