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Weapon Reinforce Pod v2.2

Reinforce your weapons

  1. bug fixes mostly

    - fixed typo that prevented the Weapon Fusion mod from being crafted in the Inventors table
    - slight nerf on the damage increase when reinforcing (something like 20%, not much :p)
    - bug fixes

    - fixed typo that caused bug on some weapons.
    - upgrading only goes to +10, you start at +0 and go up each time you success. once you reach +10, the required materials increase in rarity, that means you can try to break the +10 limit, the label will still show +10, but the weapon can be +11,...
  2. Support for all weapons, including modded ones, revamped system


    - Support for all weapons, including uniques and MODDED weapons,

    - Revamped the reinforce system, it is based on weapon level and reinforce level, high tier weapons use high tier ores, low tier weapons use low tier ores (also reduced reinforce costs and higher chance overall),

    - Added the reinforce level to the weapons tooltip(it is displayed below the Special attack),

    - Tons of bugfixes, it should be pretty failfree
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