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Weapon Fusion Station v2.2

Fuses two weapons into one, keeping the best of both worlds.

  1. proper support for unique Specials

    -added proper support for specials such as empowerment, Scout eye, etc. they can now be transfered at will between all weapon of the same type.
    - bugfixes
  2. MOD Support

    -Added support for all weapons from all mods, might have a few bugs here and there, nothing gamebreaking tho, please report them asap.
    - code cleanup and revamped, which allowed for all weapons from all mods to be supported at the same time instead of having to manually add support for each one
    - bug fixes
    - changed station Image
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  3. so focused on fixing violium and adding uniques that i mistyped bugged all :p

    -fixed typos that caused infusing glitches with crafted weapons, all is well now ;)
    - added version number to bottom right corner of GUI
  4. support for top unique weapons, violium fixed, other fixes

    - added support for all vanilla unique weapons that make sense to be infusable (like Solus Katana, Asoterusaberu DX, etc); those with really unique "mechanics/movesets" aren't and won't be supported (like Gnome Gun, Tentacle Gun, Oculus Reaver, Magnorbs, etc)
    - added addition failsafe checks to prevent the mod from crashing the game
    - fixed bug with small panel not appearing in the inventors table
    - fixed bug with all crafted weapons, most importantly the violium one.
    - fixed bug with the...
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  5. Partial support for some Unique weapons, minor UI changes, additional failproof checks

    - added some more failchecks, it should be pretty much impossible to crash/bug the game using the mod (unless i missed some tiny thing, im human after all :p)
    - it is now possible to transfer some specials attacks from unique weapons to generated ones, it is a one way transfer, you will lose your unique weapon in the process so only do this if all you want is the special, if you want the visual then wait a bit longer please.
    - changed the User Interface a bit (weapons with more dps on...
  6. support for crafted and all generated weapons, added failsafe checks

    - Support for all crafted weapons
    - Support for all generated weapons
    - Support for modded abilities, specials and element types
    - added safe checks that prevent unique and unsupported weapons from being infused.
    - buffed max % chance of improving level/tier by 1 to 15% when infusing a weapon.(limited time - lasts until next update)
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  7. support for all vanilla generated weapons

    fixed some bugs I had on some weapon types.
    Now all vanilla generated weapons should work correctly.
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