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Weapon Assembly 2.1.3

This mod will let you break weapons into parts and then combine the parts into new weapons!

  1. Now compatible with "weapon stats"

    Bugfix to allow you to recolor weapons while using "Weapon stats" mod
  2. Bugfixes and Steam alingment

    Solved several bugs putting items in and taking items out the stations.

    Released all updates to Steam.
  3. Bugfixes

    Solved two weird bugs
    1) Problem calculating an average-able properties when are specified in weapon config but not in weapon parameters (Thank you @lazarus78 for the report)

    2) Disassembling a painted weapons no longer reset its colors
  4. Be picky

    Be picky
    Deleted all the code about weapon recoloring and re-implemented it from scratch.

    To add compatibility with "Precision Dyes" by @MaxShadow09
  5. Put some color in your mods

    Put some color in your mods
    You can now recolor weapons from:
    • God Dame Anti-Material Rifles
    • God Dame Crossbows
    • God Dame Flamethrowers
    • God Dame SMGs
    • Quarterstaff Armory
    • Weapon Megapack - Some weapons are meant to be uncolourable
    • Supper's Weapons Mod - Some weapons are meant to be uncolourable
    With a...
  6. Put some color in your life

    Put some color in your life
    Added the "Weapon Painting station"-
    It will only change the colors of vanilla weapons.

    Infinite thanks to @Inf_Wolf14 for the amazing station.

    I will be adding support to modded weapons during...
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  7. "Put magic in your life!!!" and "This is Supper!"

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  8. 1.0 - Steam Workshop release

    weaponassemblerIcon.png WeaponAssembly_001.gif WeaponAssembly_002.PNG WeaponAssembly_003.PNG
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  9. First release candidate!!!!

    Almost done!!!
    All ranged and melee weapons are done now.
    Mod support has been increased A LOT.

    I need to clean the code and to find better icons for some things, but consider this as a "Release candidate".
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  10. Ranged weapons done (Probably)

    Ranged weapons done!!!!
    Code has changed a LOT, so please, delete any part you had, it won't work, parts are new objects now.
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