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Warframe Crossover V1.05

Cronus Bug Should Be FIXED!

  1. (Pleased Giraffe)

    Okay Fixed and working, Special thanks to Roux for helping me fix the mod for this update.

    Hydroid Warframe is coming along nicely as well and should be done either tomorrow or the day after.

    Because of how long it takes me to create these warframes I'll update when one is finished each time.
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  2. More Weapons Pt 3!


    - Brokk Hammer
    - Brakk
    - Manticore
    - Scindo

    And Tier 2 for each.
  3. Simple Tier 2 Upgrade

    AS the Tittle Suggests and what I said in the last update this one is a simple improvement to all the weapons added up to the last update, the power is doubled which greatly increase energy cost I believe if it is too high or low please tell me in the discussion page and I shall fix it as soon as possible.

    The prices are doubled as well.

    Hope you enjoy them!

    I tested the weapons on an...
  4. New Weapons Pt. 2


    - Skana
    - Kunai
    - Machete

    Hope you like them!


    The next update will be second tier or so of all the weapons added up to now. The way I will have it is they shall cost little extra but they will be double the stats if not strong enough tell me and I will release a quicker update after for them to be...
  5. New Weapons!


    - Dread Bow
    - Gorgon
    - Kama (One Handed)

    Okay three new weapons, Kama is one handed so you may have two and gain Duel Kama!

    Hope you'll enjoy the new weapons!


    If you are like my...
  6. Bug Fix!

    Perfectly Generic Item Fix

    Okay now I read the log I noticed it was missing some files, they are now in place and all should work. Sorry for the delay.