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Warframe Crossover V1.05

Cronus Bug Should Be FIXED!

  1. Cronus FIx (Sorry)

    Okay, been gone for a long time focusing on drawing. Now I'm thinking of working on this mod again.

    The Cronus bug should be fixed now, Sorry for the long wait!

    I'm planning to cintue where I left off which is the melee update. This may take me some time because I've been gone for so long. Hopefully everything goes smooth (HA!)
  2. I am slowly going insane...

    Okay so somehow I got files mixed up and didn't realize till much later... Everything is actually changed now...Sorry.
  3. Bug Fix, Stat Tweaks, and Changes

    Okay, so I believe the Skana issue is now fixed, I tweaked the damage for all the guns hopefully this will be better. Please tell me in the discussions if I am close or how much more you think it needs tweaked.

    Removed Hydroid for now because of a problem I am currently having with it not showing up and not able to spawn it.
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  4. Minor Fixes (Hopefully...)

    Okay, attempted to fix Flux Rifle and Foundry. Both should be working but I couldn't change the colour of the new projectile for the Flux Rifle (I tried...)

    Changed some files back to the old ones I used so hopefully everything works again.
  5. Opticor (broken) REPLACED by Furis

    Okay, this update is very small but I wanted to do this and also changed some other files such as player.confic.path and modinfo. They're gone and replace with _metadata and a .vdf file.

    I was unaware we didn't need the player.config anymore.

    Now with these sorted out and thanks to The | Suit , I am close to being ready for the Workshop.

    I will still keep both updated here and there.


    I've not fully explored this problem but some people to test it or have...

    Overhaul! All information on the front page!
  7. I Call Shotgun!

    Addtions :

    - Hek - 100 pixels (Foundry)

    - Tigris - 100 pixels (Foundry)

    - Sobek - 100 pixels (Foundry)

    - Valkyr Helmet - 100 pixels (Finished) (Arsenal)

    - Valkyr Chest - 100 pixels (Needs...
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  8. Editing Stats and Requirements

    Changes :

    - Temporarily removed Tier 2 weapons, why? Because with all these changes it was best to start from the ground up. I will bring them back and they'll hopefully be better than what they once were.

    - Dmg of all weapons has been decrease for some while increased for others so energy consumption is not as bad as it once was.

    - I could not figure what sort of ore(s) to use for each weapon so for now it will stay as pixels.

    - Skana, Lato, and Braton are 1 pixel each...
  9. Additions and Adujustments

    Additions :

    - Added Female Version Hydroid. (not much difference really, just an obvious one)

    Adjustments :

    - Changed stats for Hydroid (hope it is fitting now)
    - Fixed Mask problem, no more hair sticking out!

    What is Next?

    Next update will be a complete overhaul to the stats of the weapons and the requirements to build them.
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  10. Hydroid Added (Basic stats)

    Okay, here is Hydroid [​IMG]

    The stats are very basic because I have no clue what stats would be appropriate for this warframe.

    Another note I have not got around to doing the female part, really should have been first thing but I been trying to draw every frame one by one for the front and back arms plus the legs. I am going to take a break for today and have the female variant tomorrow.

    Also if anyone can help me I have no idea why...