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Warframe Crossover V1.05

Cronus Bug Should Be FIXED!

  1. Hydroid Added (Basic stats)

    Okay, here is Hydroid [​IMG]

    The stats are very basic because I have no clue what stats would be appropriate for this warframe.

    Another note I have not got around to doing the female part, really should have been first thing but I been trying to draw every frame one by one for the front and back arms plus the legs. I am going to take a break for today and have the female variant tomorrow.

    Also if anyone can help me I have no idea why female hair is sticking through the helmet. I figured the mask was working but if someone can toss me a mask that would cover any hair from sticking out that would be awesome.

    It seems the mask works for parts. I am using Avian in that picture and I took out the tail but for the head it cut most the hair just missed a spot...

    Additions :

    - New Crafting Table "Arsenal" yeah I tried making it look like the real arsenal it did not go well at all... You can craft this under your Wooden Crafting Table for 200 pixels.

    - Hydroid Head, chest, pants. Each are 150 pixels.

    More Notes :

    In my next update or the one after I will be redoing all of the requirements to build the weapons and warframe(s) and the update after that will be reworking the balance of the weapons to match their new requirements.
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