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Warframe Crossover V1.05

Cronus Bug Should Be FIXED!

  1. Opticor (broken) REPLACED by Furis

    Okay, this update is very small but I wanted to do this and also changed some other files such as player.confic.path and modinfo. They're gone and replace with _metadata and a .vdf file.

    I was unaware we didn't need the player.config anymore.

    Now with these sorted out and thanks to The | Suit , I am close to being ready for the Workshop.

    I will still keep both updated here and there.


    I've not fully explored this problem but some people to test it or have already ran through this and resolved in another mod please speak up.

    Sometimes, not sure how it is triggered. There may be a moment where you try /reload and suddenly the Foundry has nothing in it and the Inventor's Table does not have the Foundry listed there either.

    This may be do to using /reload, but if not then I am not sure what is the cause. The only fix I found (haven't fully tested this theory) was to start a new character...

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