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Wardrobe v1.3.2

Interface to dress up your character with ease.

  1. Quickbar implementation.

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  2. Update for Starbound 1.3

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  3. Wardrobe v1.2.2

    Built for Starbound 1.2.2, but confirmed to work fine in Starbound 1.2.3 as well.

    Sorry for the late update announcement! Updates can always be found as soon as they're released on GitHub.

    • The close button for the selection windows is now visible again
    • Modded items without color options will no longer freeze the interface; the default color of the items will be used instead.
    • The right gender is now...
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  4. Wardrobe v1.1.0

    • You can now choose to equip or spawn selected clothes.
      • The Wardrobe Interface will do it's best to not equip any spawned items. Due to the nature of the game, this may not always work. If you somehow end up with any of Cupid's clothes, just ignore them...
      • Already equipped clothes will be added back to your inventory or dropped on the ground if your inventory is full.
    • You can now deselect items. This option will always...
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  5. Search function added

    This update includes search bars for each category, as suggested by Toamac.
    The mod has also been tested to work with Starbound 1.0.3.
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  6. Wardrobe v0.9 - Cheerful 1.0?

    Released for nightly a day before the game release.
    I'm terribly sorry if the mod does not work for Starbound 1.0; I will be on holiday for a week which prevents me from testing and updating the mod. For this reason I highly recommend creating a backup of your character.

    • Download Wardrobev0.9.zip, not the source code.
    • Follow the...
  7. Rarity icon update

    Updated the rarity icons for items; they were broken due to a change in the file names.