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Wardrobe v1.3.2

Interface to dress up your character with ease.

  1. Wardrobe v1.1.0

    • You can now choose to equip or spawn selected clothes.
      • The Wardrobe Interface will do it's best to not equip any spawned items. Due to the nature of the game, this may not always work. If you somehow end up with any of Cupid's clothes, just ignore them...
      • Already equipped clothes will be added back to your inventory or dropped on the ground if your inventory is full.
    • You can now deselect items. This option will always appear at the top of the item lists, regardless of your current selection or filter.
    • The Wardrobe Interface now uses cosmetic slots rather than armor slots. You can still change back to using armor slots by modifying the setting in your starbound.config.
      • The parameter that changes this is \wardrobeInterface\useArmorSlot. This option will be available after opening the Wardrobe Interface at least once. Make sure to reload your game after changing this value.
    • When opening the interface, the correct color options for your clothes are automatically selected. This makes the preview more accurate.

    • The preview now shows up on Starbound 1.1. Thanks zetaPRIME for helping me figure out a fix!
    • Hair does not disappear when switching from an item with a mask to one without a mask. I'm not sure if this was an actual issue before the additions of this update, but it's fixed nevertheless.
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