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Outdated Wah-Ki (Spirited Giraffe) 0.2 (Tails n' stuff)

Red Pandas in Starbound!

  1. XanthicDragon
    Version: 0.2 (Tails n' stuff)
    I managed to get it functional, and it's a lot of fun (My friend enjoys it especially). Here's what I posted on Nexus to get it working in the newest version:

    My friend did this and his characters got wiped. I did it and mine were fine. Just a fair warning, you MIGHT lose your characters.

    Get Notepad++ Text Editor. Normal 'ole notepad makes it confusing.


    Step 1: Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\mods\wah-ki\ai

    Step 2: Create a new folder. Name it "portraits"

    Step 3: Open an image editor. Create a new image with the dimensions: 486 x 224

    Step 4: Save this image as-is (blank) in the portraits folder you just created under the name "myportrait.png"

    Step 6: Go back to the "ai" folder, and edit the file "ai.config.patch" with Notepad++

    Step 7: Note line 5 ("aiFrames" : "humanAi.png",). Go to the end of that line and press ENTER to create a new line. On the new line, press the TAB key to bump it out.

    Step 8: On the new line you just created, paste the following in: "portraitFrames" : "portraits/myportrait.png",

    Step 9: Save the file and attempt to launch Starbound. If this does not work, please reply. It worked great for me, and now I can play as a red panda in Starbound Glad Giraffe!
  2. Vyrdaes
    Version: 0.2 (Tails n' stuff)
    The mod looks fantastic, and I LOVE red pandas... but it's not working as of 9/27. Every time I install the mod and launch the game, it crashes with a 'Fatal Exception' saying it can't get '("completionConditions")'

    I hope this gets fixed, soon. I wanna play as a wah. ;A;
  3. Kayuko
    Version: 0.2 (Tails n' stuff)
    It haz tails and it iz fluffy. o:
  4. CaptainAces
    Version: 2015-06-02
    In short, I really like red pandas, thank you for the mod and keep up the work! (Get to fixing that tail please though.)
  5. Apple Juice
    Apple Juice
    Version: 2015-06-02
    The mod could have more features (clothing, weapons and thingz), but 3 star cause the pandas look dank.
    1. Hyko
      Author's Response
      Clothes and whatnot should be coming soon, in the meantime, thanks for the review! Just for a point of clarity, is dank a good or bad thing? (I am not in with the hip and happening lingo you "kids" use these days *is only 20*)