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Outdated Wabbels with normal looking full customizable ship 2.4 (Enraged Koala)

Wabbels do "stuff", but they don't mean it bad.

  1. Enraged Koala

    Just update for Enraged Koala, done by Teihoo.

    I really have less time. So feel free to change the wabbel-files on your own, add new graphics and send them to Teihoo if you want to share them with all. If there is something new, Teihoo should start a new Thread to update this mod.
  2. Blender Update

    Just add a blender to mix some plant fibres (5) to a slime-block. Its for all who don't find some slime. The tailsquest1 suggest you to mix some slime at the blender.


    Maybe i have some time to make smoothies for the next update.
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  3. Solid-ship

    All ship-objects should now be solid (before they were platforms). So you can't fall out of the ship if you go everytime right (The cocpit is save)
    The material-blocks sounds like light-metal, light-wood, component and wood.
    All objects have a health like bamboo or apexshipwall (materials: 20, objects: 5). So its not so easy to destroy.

    Warning: if you load the ship with this update some edges will fall down (and the cocpit), because i changed the way...
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  4. A new age of shipfiles

    Is this real a fully customizable ship?? Its looks normal..

    YES. It ist full customizable.

    Here is a picture: beginnership.png

    The boosters at the ground went out of order, so you have to fix it by yourself... just craft small booster at the SC-Station (Ship-Crafting-Station). [This is a quest for new chars, too]

    Old chars should delete their shipfile. BUT: Put all things away from your ship. Also the things in the...
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  5. It's a bug... no it's a Mantistail

    Addet the Mantis-tail and quest. The jump animation is a little bit changed.
    Fixed the starter weappons, both make 4 dps. (Only new chars)
    Added a preview for the next update:
    custum ship!!!!!
    Now you can built some shipparts at the new SC-station (ship crafting station). Here is a picture:
    It shows the new tail, the SC-station and some of the new shipparts. The ship isn't changed now. This comes with the next update
    Feel free to give...
  6. Wabbels saw some wings

    Adapt a new tail: wings from Extra Wings-Mod. The Wabbels saw the wings at the Insetoid Race and want some. You have to make a new char or play with an old on a server to get the quests again.
    Added a questloop so next tails could be added without making a new char. (Do not the "don't do this"-quest) --- Only new chars get this questloop.
    Added a few new hairstyles (male and female).
    Added a...
  7. starter treasure fix

    Just clean the starter treasure.
    No more all new armor at beginning.

    All new things like version 1.6 :)

    You have to delete your old wabbel foulder if it is older than 1.6

    Please comment in discussion or review so the next version could get better.
  8. Update Furious Koala

    Just update to Furious Koala. Hope all went fine :)
  9. More more more (fix)

    They are kidding me ... okay working on Furious Koala....

    fix the quetsline. (Just forgot in quest/tutorial/wabbel2tail add the following quest with "followUp" : "wabbel3tail.gearup". Now it's fixed)

    Please delete your old Wabbel-folder
    (this update don't wipe your chars but I...
  10. More more more

    Please delete your old Wabbel-folder
    (this update don't wipe your chars but I reorganized the folders)

    1. New Tier3 armor: Dead Glitch changed into an armor!!! (looks like borg but no borg data used)
    2. Reorganized the tails. Tails are now awailable at the Tail-configuration-station, short tailstation or TC-Station.
    3. New Tailstation!!! A place were you can make your tails. Nevermore friends complain about the goo at their spinningwheel....
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