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Outdated Wabbels with normal looking full customizable ship 2.4 (Enraged Koala)

Wabbels do "stuff", but they don't mean it bad.

  1. Killjoyzone
    Version: 2.4 (Enraged Koala)
    Hey cool race, but is there any chance that you'll be updating it to pleased giraffe?
  2. taterdoom
    Version: 2.4 (Enraged Koala)
    So far, this is my favorite race mod. I didn't think the Wabbel were going to be this cute, but they totally are.
  3. AllHailBroccoli
    Version: 2.4 (Enraged Koala)
    I'm adorable! I love it! :D
  4. Aidan
    Version: 2.4 (Enraged Koala)
    Awesome race works perfectly, no gripes.
  5. Cbw19
    Version: 2.3 (Furious Koala)
    This mod, even without a storyline, already gets a 5/5 just because they are so cute! The story is definantly a great touch, and I cannot wait to see where this mod goes from here! Great job, keep up the great work!
  6. teihoo
    Version: 2.3 (Furious Koala)
    Love the built-in custom ship + custom quest to repair the ship's engines! Excellent progress on the race, already has a ton of stuff and this makes it stand out from the rest a bit more. And hey, if you don't to mess with your ship, just leave it like it is - you wont know the difference ;)
  7. Shadowhunter
    Version: 2.1 (Furious Koala)
    I love this race, they are cute blabla adorable.
    I found a Glitch (not robot) where if you say, have copper leggings on then the outer feet goop is still visible so maybe make it contained.
    also could you please balance the two starting weapons so they are even, unless the sword is meant to be weaker than the Jellydrum.
    1. MrMock
      Author's Response
      Thx for the review.
      The copper-pants aren't adapted, yes. But aren't planned for now. First evrything else because of there is the hiding option/option to show other pants.
      The starters should be the same. It is fixed next update, thx.
  8. xtomass
    Version: 1.3 (Angry Koala)
    Really Fun and Unique Race. Love the goo/toxic waste theme a lot. Definitely one of the most unique hairstyle selections out there.

    Also Covered it on my Mod List series:
    (Can I beg thee to add this video to the description of the mod?
  9. teihoo
    Version: 1.1 (Angry Koala)
    I love this race! They're extremely cute with a nice jelly like outlines and sticky feet :D Excellent stuff!
  10. StarBond007
    Version: 1.1 (Angry Koala)
    I love it. You have a great back story for these creatures. The only problems I have with this mod are that the story is not included at the beginning. Also their own sword would be cool. The juke box...why? This is a very good race mod and I hope to more mods from you in the future.
  11. Paxtel
    Version: 1.0 (Angry Koala)
    It's an awesome race, and it could be even better if it had an epic storyline. It's like you made a storyline just because. Also, deserves 4 stars because still epic.