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Outdated Wabbels with normal looking full customizable ship 2.4 (Enraged Koala)

Wabbels do "stuff", but they don't mean it bad.

  1. MrMock
    Please review this mod or write in the discussion-area. Only with reviews it could get better :)

    The Wabbels have a fully customizable ship, which looks like an normal ship. You can change it in size.

    The wabbels need a new video that shows all new stuff and the new customizable ship.

    Warning: there COULD be conflicts with other mods, which adds new blocks. I use "materialId" 300-330. Please let me know if you found some conflicts. Until now: No conflicts are known!!!!!!

    If you fall down of the ship, beam to the planat and back, or you fall an infinite long time.

    Just searching for persons who wants to write wabble-story-parts for adding at codex to the game. Its needed for the meeting with:

    Glitch, (first contact done by Teihoo)

    The Wabbels are a new born race. Noone told them that it isn't fine to take everything with them.
    The Wabbels formed their hair like the Cephalopods.
    The Wabbels stole an armor from the Avali and formed a tail like the avali-tail.
    Humans are angry because the wabbels stole somethink.
    Apex have to do something with the creation of the wabbel.

    It would be nice if some stories new stories/codexes comes to the game. Just write down in th Discussion, if you have a part. Or just klick here: Discussion

    Maybe the Avali decided that the Wabbels are a good prey or somethinkg else....

    The Wabbels come to the Universe.

    First of all: sorry for my bad english....

    The Story:
    The first 7 Wabbel were born in a sewer tank filled with toxic waste and first met very friendly the Glitch. Before this, they had no real form, but when they saw the Glitch they formed a homanoid body.
    Because the Wabbels were nude, the Glitch gave them Clothes and they add the style to their culture. The Wabbels were so nosily for everything, so they put all with them what they found. But the Glitch weren`t angry about them because the Wabbels were so funny and don't mean it bad. After a few weeks they learned the speach but they always only say the important words. The other words like adjectives the often say only blabla to replace it.
    In week 6 the 7 wabbels found a spaceship und "borrowed" it to fly to another planet.

    Some Month later they found a human village with wappens and armor. This was the first time they see armor, so they want it and stole it without knowing what to steal means. But they add the armor style to their "culture".

    Within the next few months they meet some other races and added some things to themself or their culture. For example when they met the Cephalopods some of them were faszinated by Cephalopods hair and formed theyr own head to look like them.

    The wabbels flew away again and found a interesting planet where they want to build their own culture like the Glitch and Humans. Today the wabbels don't know how they can reproduce a new wabbel so they have find them. They send a few of themself to find other wabbels or interesting things which they can take, to grow theirs culture.

    You are one of the them.

    In some human villages the humans don't say steal anymore they say: "Someone wabbeled it".

    Some pictures:

    New icons for male and female, v1.2.1:

    and a unique ship ... okay rebuild from a Glitch-ship (old)
    this is the new ship for a new char. A wabbel is on the top, that means you could build everywhere you want. The bottom boosters are "broken" (Story), you have to build 3 new flames at the Ship-Crafting-station.

    blender.png FirstNPCs.png ownship.png


    Some animated up to date pictures :) by xtomass . More tails are craftable if you do some quests.

    some hair
    some ears
    5 tails (now at the TC-Station)
    own ship
    own flag
    an interesting walk
    human-pants tier 1-4 adapted to the wabbel-walk
    first questline
    a fully customizable ship (and shipparts at the SC-Station)

    more hairs / change hair
    more codex
    rework the new ship-material so you can recolor it,

    The wabbels don't have own armore so it isn't necessary to create one... only pants (tier 5-10)
    In the Future:
    The Wabbels steal only one tier armor per race and MrMock ask befor he steals it :) maybe he waits until the answer is there :rofl: just a joke ^^ i will wait

    Install it like every other race mod.
    Use a character creation mod like Ganondude's Character Creation Mod, Kawa's Character Creation Mod or Xander's Simple Character Creation Mod

    I wabbled some hairs, one ear and skin colors from the Mutanoids
    And some hairs frome the Cephalopods
    And a vent from the Steampunk Mod
    One armor and tail from the Avali
    Wings from Extra Wings
    The tail from Mantis Race

    Thx to all authors, which let me "wabbel" their stuff.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Killjoyzone
    Version: 2.4 (Enraged Koala)
    Hey cool race, but is there any chance that you'll be updating it to pleased giraffe?
  2. taterdoom
    Version: 2.4 (Enraged Koala)
    So far, this is my favorite race mod. I didn't think the Wabbel were going to be this cute, but they totally are.
  3. AllHailBroccoli
    Version: 2.4 (Enraged Koala)
    I'm adorable! I love it! :D
  4. Aidan
    Version: 2.4 (Enraged Koala)
    Awesome race works perfectly, no gripes.
  5. Cbw19
    Version: 2.3 (Furious Koala)
    This mod, even without a storyline, already gets a 5/5 just because they are so cute! The story is definantly a great touch, and I cannot wait to see where this mod goes from here! Great job, keep up the great work!
  6. teihoo
    Version: 2.3 (Furious Koala)
    Love the built-in custom ship + custom quest to repair the ship's engines! Excellent progress on the race, already has a ton of stuff and this makes it stand out from the rest a bit more. And hey, if you don't to mess with your ship, just leave it like it is - you wont know the difference ;)
  7. Shadowhunter
    Version: 2.1 (Furious Koala)
    I love this race, they are cute blabla adorable.
    I found a Glitch (not robot) where if you say, have copper leggings on then the outer feet goop is still visible so maybe make it contained.
    also could you please balance the two starting weapons so they are even, unless the sword is meant to be weaker than the Jellydrum.
    1. MrMock
      Author's Response
      Thx for the review.
      The copper-pants aren't adapted, yes. But aren't planned for now. First evrything else because of there is the hiding option/option to show other pants.
      The starters should be the same. It is fixed next update, thx.
  8. xtomass
    Version: 1.3 (Angry Koala)
    Really Fun and Unique Race. Love the goo/toxic waste theme a lot. Definitely one of the most unique hairstyle selections out there.

    Also Covered it on my Mod List series:
    (Can I beg thee to add this video to the description of the mod?
  9. teihoo
    Version: 1.1 (Angry Koala)
    I love this race! They're extremely cute with a nice jelly like outlines and sticky feet :D Excellent stuff!
  10. StarBond007
    Version: 1.1 (Angry Koala)
    I love it. You have a great back story for these creatures. The only problems I have with this mod are that the story is not included at the beginning. Also their own sword would be cool. The juke box...why? This is a very good race mod and I hope to more mods from you in the future.