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VoxelPlus(1.3.2) 2.5

Adds more uses & sizes to Voxels.

  1. VoxelPlus 2.5

    Added Ancient Essence Voxels.


    1. VoxelPlusIcon.png
  2. New better sprites!

    This update doesn't too much. mysteek_80 made a bunch of much nicer sprites, and this update adds those. No new features, but everything looks way nicer!
  3. Necromancy?!?

    Yup, I'm back from the dead! Life hit me like a truck, so I apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced by the crashing. Anyway, this should work on 1.1.5+ (In theory), so go nuts with it!

    Update Notes:
    - The codex broke at some point, so I'll be fixing and re-adding it later.
    - I removed the liquid pumps, since they were rather redundant with all the other mods around now. There are other better mods for it, so I'll leave it to them.
    - Liquid Coffee has been removed at some point, so...
  4. VoxelPlus 1.9: Pumps!

    Now I have added some new art. I had just been reusing the crafting station's icon in the top left part of the crafting interface for my creations, but I finally made some icons to go there instead. Not super pretty, but that can be fixed later.

    I also (With some help from Kayuko, who wrote most of the Lua scripting,) added some liquid pumps. When activated through wiring, they will pick up any liquid at the base of the pump, and put it in their inventory. Kinda helpful. If you use a mod...
  5. VoxelPlus 1.8: Avali, anyone?

    This is only a minor update that fixes a minor glitch with my compatability settings. Although, it also adds some compatability for the Avali race which can be found here: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/avali-triage.2852/

    - Makes it so the Avali also start with the Intro codex.
    - Remedied the somewhat broken includes line. This means you no longer have to worry about this loading after the other mods and failing to do anything.
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  6. VoxelPlus 1.7: More art, more meds, and more puns!

    While I am sure that I will get shot for the bad puns, I also added some better art to the mod, retexturing the HORRIBLE placeholder art for the Pixel Station and also adding a Med Assembler where you can create meds for a price!

    - Added the Med Assembler, complete with stimpaks, medpacks, nanowraps, and bandages.
    - Fixed the nasty placeholder art for the pixel station, although might redo it again later.
    - Added some more bad puns. Have fun finding those and depleting your...
  7. VoxelPlus 1.6: Codex of Explaining

    Not much happened here, just added a codex that you should start with, and if you don't you can craft for free just by opening your normal crafting window.

    - Added a codex that briefly explains most of the mod's functions, which can be crafted for free assuming you don't start with it for some reason. (Custom race people, I got your back! :p)
  8. VoxelPlus 1.5: Super Huge Reconstitution Update! YAY ME!

    This update added a TON of stuff! I'm just going to list it all below this sentence...

    - Liquidation Reactor: You can now print liquids, like Coconut Milk, Lava, and Water!
    - Advanced Ore Reconstitution Station: Now you can make Solarium, Plutonium, Rubium, and MORE!
    - Some better textures!
    - More compatability code!
    - A few more jokes in the descriptions!
  9. (Mini-Update) VoxelPlus 1.4: I forgot something. :P

    Forgot to make it so you could spawn the Advanced Printer from the Spawning Box (Creative Mode mod) if you have it installed. Creative Mode is still not a necessary mod, but this mod will work with it completely now.
  10. VoxelPlus 1.3: Advanced Printers!

    With this update we get a few bits and pieces. I have a bit of a master plan, and while a bit bumpy here and there, it's coming along nicely.

    - Creative Mode compatability (You can now spawn all the voxels from the Spawning Box.)
    - Advanced Printer
    - Printable ores at the Advanced Printer. Only the ones that could be smelted at a regular furnace though, and they cost 9x more pixels to create them than to smelt the ores into pixels at a refinery. (I.E. if you create some ores...