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VoxelPlus(1.3.2) 2.5

Adds more uses & sizes to Voxels.

  1. VoxelPlus 1.9: Pumps!

    Now I have added some new art. I had just been reusing the crafting station's icon in the top left part of the crafting interface for my creations, but I finally made some icons to go there instead. Not super pretty, but that can be fixed later.

    I also (With some help from Kayuko, who wrote most of the Lua scripting,) added some liquid pumps. When activated through wiring, they will pick up any liquid at the base of the pump, and put it in their inventory. Kinda helpful. If you use a mod like Item Broadcasters with it though, you can create all kinds of neat automations. For instance, an automatic acid generator, a rainwater collector, etc. There are three varieties: Basic, Standard (Goes 2x as fast as the basic), and Advanced (3x as fast as standard, and 6x as fast as basic).

    - Added Basic, Standard, and Advanced Liquid Pumps.
    - Added crafting icons to all the crafting interfaces.
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