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Voided: Expansion Mod (WIP) 0.3.0

Extended Story, rethought from the ground up

  1. Release 0.2.0: The Voltage Update

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    • Voltage planet type
      • Voltage (normal and rusty variants)
      • Copper Desert
      • Oxidized Copper Desert
      • Electric Forest
      • Voltage Spikes
      • Rusted Voltage Spikes
      • Charged Hills
      • Oxidized Charged Hills
      • Shallow Electrified Caves (normal, ruins, traps)
      • Electrified Caves (normal, traps)
      • Deep Electrified Caves
      • Electrified Core
    • Weapons
      • Electric Edge
      • Electric Executioner
      • Lightning Gun
      • Nail Gun
      • Tesla Rifle
      • The Minefield
      • Tesla Grenade
    • Monsters
      • Ampere Charger
      • Ball Lightning
      • Batterjaw
      • Bulbhead
      • Electric Elemental
      • Rusted Ampere Charger
      • Rusted Bulbhead
      • Voltspitter
      • War Drone
    • Items
      • Bulbhead Flight Organ
      • Charged Gemstone Piece
      • Drone Gun Piece
      • Insulating Sap
      • Lightning Bean
      • Voltite Ore
      • Voltite Plate
    • Tiles
      • Copper Rock
      • Copper Sand
      • Deep Copper Rock
      • Iron Rock
      • Oxidized Copper Rock
      • Oxidized Copper Sand
      • Rubber Block
      • Rusted Iron Rock
      • Sloped Rubber Block
      • Solid Electricity
    • Added the Extradimensional star type
    • Added Liquid Electricity
    • Added the Voltite Set
    • Added the Ancient Furnace
    • Removed the ion element. The Handheld Ion Cannon now uses the electric element.
    • Adjusted the quantities of ingredients for Ancient weapons
    • Ancient weapons now require Ancient Essence to craft
    • Changed the stats of Ancient weapons
    • Polished up some sprites related to the Prison fight
    • Shielded enemies in the Ancient Stronghold now pulsate
    • Slightly widened the Ancient Fabricator UI (to make room for a new tooltip kind)
    • Made the core explosion attack slightly harder to dodge
    • Added FutaraDragon Fullbright support for Ancient Armor
    • Fixed the ancient set bonus causing extreme lag near the horizontal edges of a world while a monster or NPC is nearby.
    • Fixed Stronghold Watchers causing Lua errors when the player dies just as they are winding up
    • Fixed the Prison not resetting properly when the player dies during attack 6
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