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Outdated Vocaloid Mod 1.4 [Upbeat Giraffe]

Vocaloid hairs, outfits and weapons.

  1. Izanag
    [Character Creation, All hairs are found under the human race, female.]

    [Crafting: Clothes and Miku's Negi are found in the spinning wheel, Teto's Baguette is found under the kitchen] [All recipes require bread and fabric]
    leek.png bread.png clothessmall.png

    [All Next to each other]

    • Miku Hair Style Added.
    • Miku Clothe Added.
    • Miku Skirt Added.
    • Changed Miku's hair color to cyan
    • Miku Negi(leek) Sword Added
    • Teto Hair Style Added.
    • Teto Clothes Added.
    • Teto Skirt Added.
    • Teto Baguette Sword Added.
    • Rin Hair Style Added.
    • Rin Clothes Added.
    • Rin Pants Added.
    • Added Miku's Voice
    • Updated Furious Koala version
    • Fixed all incompatibilities
    • Updated for Beta v. Upbeat Giraffe - Update 1

    Strado: For the original mod and resources.
    Izanag: For fixing up issues and updating to upbeat Giraffe
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Recent Reviews

  1. laz2727
    Version: 1.4 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    Cool overall. Textures could be better, but who cares.