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Vocaloid DIVA outfits V1.9

Fan of Vocaloid? Cosplay your character with this mod!

  1. Update for 1.0!

    Heya everyone, was a while I didn't came back and updated because of lots of stuff. I managed to scrap some time to update it to 1.0 of Starbound and hope everyone will be able to enjoy it again! I didn't added anything it's simply a SB update (Doll is fixed).
  2. HOTFIX + Moe GlaDOS finished!

    Heya, I'm here today to push a hotfix and a "missing" item. It seems my mod were conflicting with the one of Izanag (another one for Vocaloid too!) we were using the exact same name system for our outfits, so I swapped all my names to a more "bigger mod" like. All my items now start their name by "VD_", if you see another mod doing that too tell me I would swap again. Recipes will remain unchanged because all the items you already got will turn in Perfectly Generic. I added the wig of...
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  3. The awaited update!

    Now that upbeat_giraffe is out, i've took time to update it! I've fixed a few sprites like always, putted it to Upbeat_Giraffe and added 3 outfits (one is done at 66% I know you wanted it so fast so i'll finish it next time). I now it wasn't really what was announced last time but better than nothing right?

    So it add "Solitude" a Miku module (You can see that module in Project Diva F for the song Torinoko-City), Iroha White Kimono (can't find...
  4. Kagamine, Iroha

    Hello there, It was a long time with no updates? Yeah I know, I was pretty busy like I said. Anyway, now there an update with new content! Kagamine Twins are now available (yay, at least :D ) and the request Iroha have been made too! Plus a bonus outfit hidden, try to find it!

    Next update? Well there will be Kaito of course (Last one in main line that doesn't pop out!), IA, a...
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  5. Enraged Koala, Meiko

    Outfit of Meiko is now added to the list! Compatible also with the new version, Enraged Koala.

    Next Version will include: Kagamine Twins (finally! yay!), one of the request (dunno wich for now) and maybe an alternate costume of Miku!
  6. Valentine's Day!

    Here we go! Valentine's day is near and I made a special outfit for this day! Enjoy trying to find it and wear it! Also the workbench have been redone and now a Miku Doll that play Po Pi Po is added (still experimental because the look isn't that great, we'll find a way soon to make it better). A request have been also fulfilled, SeeU!

    P.S. : The mystery outfit will be revealed anyway after the Valentine's Day!
  7. Hotfix

    As some noticed on the Discution tab, i've left some unwanted textures at some point. So here's a fix for that. Delete older mods and replace by this one (everything is inside). Sorry for that little bug i'll try to be more carefull next time!
  8. 2 new DIVA's outfits available!

    Hai everyone! Today i'm adding 2 new outfits:

    -Yokune Ruko
    -Kasane Teto

    Some sprites were also altered a bit and the Miku's Wig got a fix for the Headset placement. The next version will be out in some days with the Kagamine Twins (Just waiting my friend SatX finish them...) and maybe another one if I got enough time!

    Enjoy everyone!
  9. New Outfits!

    Heya everyone! I'm glad to post another resource update! This time this is 3 new outfits!

    Now you can cosplay yourself as:

    -Megurine Luka
    -Akita Neru
    -Megpoid Gumi

    Have fun everyone! If you see any bugs or missing stuff, feel free to post here to warn me.
  10. Update changes

    V1.1: Hair and details color a bit more blueish, Compatible Furious Koala, descriptions and names a bit altered and recipes changed to be more real as follow:

    Miku's headset no longer require fabric, Miku's Wig and Headset now need ironbar. Miku's Blouse and Skirt now require circuit boards and laser diodes.

    Will come in next version: Megurina Luka Original outfit, Gumi original outfit!
    Megurine Luka is already started, i put here the probably...