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Vocaloid DIVA outfits V1.9

Fan of Vocaloid? Cosplay your character with this mod!

  1. Kagamine, Iroha

    Hello there, It was a long time with no updates? Yeah I know, I was pretty busy like I said. Anyway, now there an update with new content! Kagamine Twins are now available (yay, at least :D ) and the request Iroha have been made too! Plus a bonus outfit hidden, try to find it!

    Next update? Well there will be Kaito of course (Last one in main line that doesn't pop out!), IA, a Miku costume with a special bonus too, and maybe Crossgender outfits of the most known! (Mikuo, Yay!). After that I think i'll only update it to last Starbound. If some want to continue working on it and adding stuff, feel free to ask!

    That's all for today, enjoy everyone and don't forget to listen a Vocaloid song each day!
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