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Vocaloid DIVA outfits V1.9

Fan of Vocaloid? Cosplay your character with this mod!

  1. The awaited update!

    Now that upbeat_giraffe is out, i've took time to update it! I've fixed a few sprites like always, putted it to Upbeat_Giraffe and added 3 outfits (one is done at 66% I know you wanted it so fast so i'll finish it next time). I now it wasn't really what was announced last time but better than nothing right?

    So it add "Solitude" a Miku module (You can see that module in Project Diva F for the song Torinoko-City), Iroha White Kimono (can't find the YT videos again, thanks to Silverduke for the sprite aswell the Solitude one) and i've messed a bit with the color feature to produce the outfit of MoeGlaDOS. The wig is still missing but it will come next time. There also wigs alone (headset less) of Miku and Iroha, others will come next time too. Enjoy everyone!
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