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Vocaloid DIVA outfits V1.9

Fan of Vocaloid? Cosplay your character with this mod!

  1. Aikaph
    Compatible with: 1.0 (Full Release)

    Available on Steam Workshop too:


    Well hi everyone! It's my first mod but i decided to release it to get some feedbacks!

    The mod adds (for now) the outfit of Hatsune Miku and a bunch of her friends; the well known japaneses/koreans virtual singers, it comes with a custom workbench (a bit ugly for now, i'll try rework on it for later version) (custom workbench reworked!) that let you craft the outfit. It's totally vanity, the outfit don't have any special effects or armor points.

    There are a doll also included, a Miku Doll that play Po Pi Po when you activate it! No more annoying engine sounds in your space ship!

    The outfit (wig version) with the Vocaloid table.
    V1.1: (Wig) (Headset alone)

    V1.2: (Megpoid Gumi, Akita Neru, Megurine Luka)

    V1.3: (Yokune Ruko, Kasane Teto)
    (This screenshot features also a race i'm also workin' on that is for now in alpha stage. If the final render is enough to be posted i'll post it. Race will be called DIVA)

    V1.4: (SeeU with the new workbench and the Miku Doll)(Miku Honey Whip)


    (Kagamine Twins, Nekomura Iroha)

    (White Kimono Iroha, Solitude Miku)
    V1.8: (Moe GlaDOS finished!)

    Here are the recipes:

    For now a pixel will be enough! Recipes will come back next update!

    Due to the mod starting to be big, recipes will no longer be listed here. You think you can make a smaller list of them? Tell me and I'll put it here!

    The head part is in two shapes, headset only and headset with custom wig.
    I'll try adding more outfits for later version (and update it to latest version of SB each time).

    Honey Whip can be obtain simply by crafting any Miku set part or simply by picking them up.

    Installation notes:
    Extract the archive and put the Miku Outfit Vocaloid Diva folder in your Starbound mods folder.

    V1.6: Put simply vocaloiddiva.modpak into mods folder.

    V1.7: Due to a bug with the packer, it's back to old times mods. Just drop the folder in the mods folder.

    V1.8: Problem fixed, now it's again a packed mod, simply drop the modpak in mods folder of upbeat giraffe

    Update notes:
    Delete the Miku Outfit and/or Vocaloid DIVA folder (or delete vocaloiddiva.modpak) and put the new version instead.

    Planned features:
    -BRS outfit(Will be done later as separate mod)
    -Megurine Luka outfit (done)
    -Kagamine Rin and Len (done)
    -Various alternate costume

    Request planned:
    -Meiko (done)
    -Yowane Haku
    -SeeU (done)
    -Nekomura Iroha (done)
    -MMDGlaDOS (MoeGlaDOS) (done)
    -Utatane Piko

    Release logs:

    V1.0: Initial Release

    V1.1: Fixed a bunch of things, recipes change. See updates tab to get more details.

    V1.2: Fixed some glitch on the Miku Outfit, adding Luka, Neru and Gumi outfits!

    V1.3: Fixed some sprites, redone a bit the Miku's Wig. Adding Ruko and Teto.

    V1.4 : Added SeeU, Miku Honey Whip, fixed some sprites. New workbench, first furniture: Miku Doll.

    V1.5: Now compatible with Enraged Koala, Meiko added.

    V1.6: Kagamine Twins, Iroha added. Mysterious outfit added. Some sprites were fixed.

    V1.7: Fixed sprites, "Solitude", White Kimono, MoeGlaDOS + 2 wigs (Miku/Iroha)

    V1.8: MoeGLADOS finished, new Miku hairstyle (only for moe Glados, if thought better by fans, Miku will have it too)

    If you like the mod or want to help improving it, feel free to post here.

    Special Thanks:
    -SatX (he made the Gumi Outfit, worked a bit on Kagamine Rin)
    -Je4ns for the new workbench and the Doll!
    -Silverduke1 for her help on design of Iroha, Iroha White Kimono, Solitude and the Twins.
    -Kawa for the Cat tail assets I used for Iroha, I asked Silverduke who got permissions for it to use it aswell because she work with me on the mod.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Update for 1.0!
  2. HOTFIX + Moe GlaDOS finished!
  3. The awaited update!

Recent Reviews

  1. longlee0092
    Version: V1.9
    love it cuz i had it b4, came back to this game again and looked for this but dropbox link is ded :( plz fix it <3
  2. Akito_Rui33
    Version: V1.9
    Because every space must have a diva.
    From Macross to Hatsune Miku.
    This is absolutely fantastic.
    Tested and working on Stable 1.0.
  3. HappySchizo
    Version: V1.9
    Has Gumi. 5/5
  4. LadyTammy
    Version: V1.8 (HOTFIX + Moe GlaDOS
    Perfect. Can you make it compatible with the "enhanced body shape" mod?
    1. Aikaph
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, unfortunately, I don't have much time to work on it and try to add as many content I can. Though if someone want to do the conversion to that bodybase, i'll accept it.
  5. miyuki6658
    Version: V1.6
    I love it
  6. Nina Gillespie
    Nina Gillespie
    Version: V1.6
    Can you please make Yowane Haku *-*
    Btw I can finally sing vocaloid songs in game while my character is cosplaying thanks to this mod xD
    1. Aikaph
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review everyone, Oliver and Haku will be added to request list!
  7. Hanbei
    Version: V1.6
    Oh, oh! Make Oliver! :3 Pleeeeeeeeeaze
  8. ElyonEdgeElite
    Version: V1.4
    Awesome mod!. I know it's isn't from DIVA but maybe create a Black Rock Shooter Miku Apend?
    1. Aikaph
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
      Black Rock Shooter Outfit is planned! With Dead Master and maybe others from the serie. But in a separate mod.
  9. Jnse
    Version: V1.3.1
    Amazing mod :p
  10. Arpheore
    Version: V1.2
    Good mod, for all of the vocaloid fans :D
    1. Aikaph
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to make other outfits as soon as I can!