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Very Useful Mole Merchant Whatever Giraffe

Can't find the quest items? He sells them, but it comes at a cost.

  1. Powerful Fezzes

    - Added Lucky Surprise present.
    - Added Powerful Fezzes side-mod.
  2. Back in busines.

    This update includes:
    - Better-looking interface with a custom icon.
    - Some price changes to adjust to pixel deflation.
    - Plutonium rods instead of plutonium.
    - Manipulator modules and upgrade modules for sale.
    - Shiplockers for sale since they can no longer be scanned and printed.
    - Presents now sell for ore so you can skip the step of having to smelt.
    - New Present! Guaranteed Weapon will always give an uncommon or rare weapon.
  3. Minor Addition

    The mole merchant now sells teleporter cores for 7000 pixels each (which rounds to 10,000 nicely when you spend 3000 pixels for the actual teleporter).
  4. Additions and Price Adjustments

    - Glitch Globe has been added for sale.
    - Random Sword gift now costs 20 refined violium and Random Gun gift costs 20 refined agisalt.
    - Random Staff gift now added for 20 refined rubium.
  5. Random Weapons for 50 Diamonds.

    Updates to shop:
    - Blank tech cards
    - Buy and sell winning tickets from Mazebound64
    - Presents which give you random weapons. These can be shared on multiplayer.