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Vepr Ship Revived 2.2.1

ProkhorVLG's Vepr ship is back, with some improvements

  1. Floran fix

    No idea how, but the Floran section of universe_server.config.patch was missing. Now it isn't.

    If you didn't already do so with the last update, make sure to delete the old version.
  2. Delete old version and install prerequisite mod!

    Ahead of putting it on Steam, I moved the actual assets for the Vepr Ship mod into this one for the same reason Shipyard Rebuilt assets are. This mod is now a prerequisite for the Vepr ship mod. That makes it easier for those running servers to support the Vepr ship too without actually adding the Vepr ship mod (forcing it on everyone).

    Users would still need the this mod...
  3. SB 1.3 fix

    Captain's chair fix. Forgot to upload it til now. Let me know if I missed anything.