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Vanilla Mechs : Energy Use Example mod 2016-08-18

Vehicle Modder Resource - make your vehicles use energy!

  1. LoPhatKao
    Requires 'Vanilla Mechs' for "mod" to work

    Example mod for making vehicles use energy from players, like old tech.consumeTechEnergy().
    Follow instructions in "readme - energy.txt"

    hi there, welcome to the readme for the vanilla mechs energy patch example
    if you're reading this, yay! you obviously want to add energy use to your vehicle :D

    until CF adds a way for vehicles to use energy directly, this workaround is probably going to be it
    i hope they do :D even tho that would render this obsolete

    text editor of choice
    a working vehicle ;)
    a brain :D

    -- follow directions closely - don't edit stuff you don't need to! it'll break your vehicle!

    part 1 : copy/rename the status effect
    copy the /stats folder to your vehicle mod directory --> /mods/<yourmodname>/stats
    open /stats/effects/vmech_energyuse/vmech_energyuse.statuseffect in text editor
    change "name" from "vmech_energyuse" to '<uniquename>_energyuse'
    save and close the .statuseffect file -- Remember what you changed "name" to! need for part 2
    rename 'vmech_energyuse.statuseffect' to '<uniquename>_energyuse.statuseffect'
    go back to /stats/effects/, rename 'vmech_energyuse' folder to '<uniquename>_energyuse'
    done part 1!

    part 2 : adding status effect to .vehicle file
    open your /vehicles/<path_to_vehicle>/<vehiclename>.vehicle' file
    find the section "loungePositions"
    take note of the seatname that needs to use energy - ie: "seat" - you will need it for part 3!
    if there is not a 'statusEffects' section in the seat, you need to create it - WATCH YOUR COMMAS
    -- "statusEffects" : ["<uniquename>_energyuse"]
    or just add it to list that exists
    done part 2!

    part 3 : editing the <vehicle>.lua (the 'worst' part - ohnoes!)
    - all relevant sections can be found by searching for 'vmech_energyuse' in supplied mech.lua
    - unarmored players only have 100 energy - choose your usage numbers carefully

    copy/paste the energy use section - 2 variables and 2 functions
    rename "seat" where indicated with seatname from part 2, add more seats if needed

    required: self.energyToUse[<seatname>] initialize line(s) near beginning, before controlHeld checks
    required: the k,v pairs loop at end of update, to use energy for each seat that used energy this frame

    check for ""self.energyLocked[<seatname>] and vehicle.controlHeld(<seatname>,~~)"" to block actions when player is out of energy
    to set energy use; self.energyToUse[<seatname>] = self.energyToUse[<seatname>] + n , where n = amount of energy to use
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.