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Vanilla Dash Techs Plus Plus 1.2

You're really just downloading it for target blink.

  1. The Avelon
    Adds a secondary utility ability to vanilla dash techs. They are not enabled for any mod added techs but a Mod Dash ++ mod is probably coming soon.

    Fully compatible with Zerotap Dash!
    But if you don't use that, you can just double tap Up instead.

    Adds Chain Dash, which allows you to charge your normal dash with (DashKey) + (Up) or by double tapping (Up). This consumes 30 energy and 'stores' a dash until you leave the world or execute a dash. You can store up to 3 chains, meaning your dash length will double, triple, or quadruple when next executed. Activating the secondary ability puts you into cooldown.

    Air Dash
    Adds the Vertical Axis Dash ability. You can use VAD to curve your trajectory mid-dash or to dash diagonally. Press (Up) or (Down) during your dash to curve, or press (Up) or (Down) as you execute your dash to perform a Diagonal Dash.

    Blink Dash
    Adds a targeted teleport ability which costs energy to perform. Aim your cursor where you would like to go and press (DashKey) + (Up) or double tap (Up). You cannot teleport into solid foreground blocks but liquid, air, and platforms are okay.

    This can get you into or out of danger; for instance falling in core lava is not a guaranteed death sentence + loss of inventory, but on the other hand you can teleport outside of your ship. FYI, in vanilla Starbound it has gravity so you will fall. You'll need to beam down or you will die after a while. If you are parked in space and can't beam down this means you will die and lose your dropped items. So be careful. I also don't really recommend using it in missions as you can bypass checkpoints and make weird things happen.

    Adds the Adrenaline Rush utility ability to Sprint. Press (DashKey) + (Up) or double tap (Up) to gain a boost to speed, jump height, and reduce fall damage by 50% for 8s. Cooldown for AR is 12s. The boost to all 3 stats stacks with other buffs and mod added abilities (So Felin take 25% fall damage with AR active for example). Sprinting while AR is active further increases speed. I guess it wouldn't have much point if it didn't, right?


    Feel free to use these scripts as a base or wholesale in your own mods. You can apply these effects to many tech mods as-is and they will work. For instance if you use Techs 2.0 by greenRAM and want your Air Dash 2.0 to have VAD, copy the airdash.tech.patch and ave_omnidirectionaladdition.lua files from this mod into mods/YourMod/tech/dash and rename airdash.tech.patch to airdash2body.tech.patch. Make sure you make one for head and legs as well if you use those.

    If a mod uses custom scripts for their dashing techs, these files MIGHT work sometimes without issue, but more than likely are not going to invoke the special content of the custom scripts. So while you might be able to add Chain Dash to Frackin' Universe's "Dodge" and retain the defense boost (I haven't tested but I think that one will work), it absolutely would not work if you tried to add it to a Stim Pack body tech. The Air Dash's VAD is a little more intrusive on the script than the other 3 abilities so custom scripts like say Air Blink techs will probably break.

    If you are trying to make such a patch and need help let me know. And remember, I will probably just go ahead and make a PlusPlus mod for the tech mods I support with Zerotap Dash at least.

    Have fun!

    Steam version: Vanilla DT++
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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