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Valisocks! (Socks for the Avali) 1.1

tall socks for small raptors

  1. LordMoonBiscuit
    Do you suffer from...
    -cold feet?
    -boring legs?
    -being an avali?

    Then boy do I have a deal for you

    Introducing; Valisocks. The only brand of knee and thigh-high socks that are specially designed to suit smol raptor legs. Craft 'em, dye 'em, eat 'em (warning: choking hazard)... do whatever you please with them.

    The recipe is learned as soon as you start up your character. you will be able to find them in the nanoloom. Due to how the items in the loom are sorted none of the socks are next to each other, so I recommend searching them. There are solid colored socks as well as striped socks for you to enjoy. These should be pretty bug free, but if you run into something hmu.

    These won't look good on normal races unfortunately. the animations will be very off and you will be very sad. I'm not sure if I'll make a normal version of them yet. they might also look alright on avikans, but i haven't tried it out myself.
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    1. valisocks preview.png

Recent Reviews

  1. notanaccount2
    Version: 1.1
    A nice mod but I wish it'd be kept up to date with the steam one for us GoG users :/
  2. SushiFish404
    Version: 1.1
  3. Mooncalf99
    Version: 1.1