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Outdated Utility Backpacks mod 1.1

Utility backpacks giving heal, light and environment protection.

  1. KnifeintheCrowd
    Version: 1.1
    The first two backpacks are useful without being too overpowered, but the final backpack crashes the game when you try to remove it.
  2. spenceman111
    Version: 1.05
    Um, I was equipping and un-equipping the Elite pack constantly, and there was some type of stacking crash...
    1. SeniorFight
      Author's Response
      Yes, it's an Upbeat Girafe bug. Because I am using the same thing for the elite backpack as skins do, but starbound isn't optimized for it so it would crash. Just don't do it until they fix this or I find another way (but actually, I just wear the backpack and don't touch it).