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Outdated Utility Backpacks mod 1.1

Utility backpacks giving heal, light and environment protection.

  1. SeniorFight
    Welcome to everyone!

    This is my first small-ish mod that I made based on the awesome Light drones continued mod!

    It allows pretty the same, except that it gives even more!

    So what's in it you say?

    Well, backpacks are tiered. From 1, to 3. Every backpack gives new features each tier you make it.

    The first backpack, the "U-Backpack" (Utility-Backpack), can be crafted on a simple crafting table out of steel bars and provides low light for you everywhere you take it.

    The second backpack, the "Advanced U-Backpack", can be crafted in an iron crafting table out of titanium this time, but now gives low heal everytime you get lower health than maximum health and gives medium sized light.

    The third and last backpack, the "Elite U-Backpack", crafted in an robotic crafting table out of durasteel, not only provides large amount of light and heal, but also gives you protection from all biomes out here. So you don't need anymore skins!

    Hope you enjoy it!

    I'll maybe add some pictures of them, but they're crap because I am not good at art ;P

    I would accept with pleasure ANY better textures and would add them to my project.


    1.0 - Initial release.

    1.05 - Elite Backpack crash bugfix.

Recent Reviews

  1. KnifeintheCrowd
    Version: 1.1
    The first two backpacks are useful without being too overpowered, but the final backpack crashes the game when you try to remove it.
  2. spenceman111
    Version: 1.05
    Um, I was equipping and un-equipping the Elite pack constantly, and there was some type of stacking crash...
    1. SeniorFight
      Author's Response
      Yes, it's an Upbeat Girafe bug. Because I am using the same thing for the elite backpack as skins do, but starbound isn't optimized for it so it would crash. Just don't do it until they fix this or I find another way (but actually, I just wear the backpack and don't touch it).